Any chance these questions might be able to be answered today or the next?

As Parks continues to cut our tree limbs and break up our fence It seems rather pressing that the Department that is to be accessed to resolve such issues during a permitted project is contacted before more damage than has already taken place occurs.  Things seem to be spiraling out.

Again we request a moratorium/stay on the work on the Vashon Parks Fields project until these matters are correctly and according to titles & statutes accomplished.
Thank you.

Margaret and Gay Rosser & Family
Friends and Neighbors of

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Dear Steve,

Thank you for your response.

Regarding this paragraph in your response,

"With respect to the fence installation, this is really a matter to take up with the Vashon Park District( VPD).  A fence up to six feet high is allowed within the setbacks and the plans show this alignment along the property line. If construction crews are blocking your driveway, or you have an issue with designation of the property line, please contact VPD.  The property line dispute is a civil matter between you and the VPD.".

Who is the Department with-in King County or WA State when boundary lines are eliminated or previously existing lot line designation altered in a DDES/DPER permitted project, to contact?  

When trees are razed and fences torn out without due process that alter an existing line under a DDES/DPER permit, & is "disputed" by abutting property owners, who is the Department to contact to resolve such matters?

What set-backs shall the DPER have the Vashon Parks adhere to?

Thank you.

Friends and Neighbors of