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From: Rachel Gay Rosser
To: John Starbard
Cc: Cathy Ortiz ; Jim Chan ; Steve Bottheim ; Sheryl Lux King County
Sent: Friday, March 01, 2013 8:31 AM
Subject: Vashon Park Fields Project

Good Morning Mr. Starbard & DPER,

There is public notice given by Vashon Park District (VPD) that they will again be working on the Fields Project.  What is the DPER plan in allowing this to go forward?

Will original DDES/DPER Type 1 C & G permit applied for and accepted be adhered to as submitted and officially stamped?  

Will the VPD need to meet the criteria of the 9/2011 requests of removal of non permitted installations with in 30 days (that being 10/2011 not yet adhered to DDES/DPER  instructions) prior to moving forward?

Will the VPD need to meet the criteria of replacing the wetlands destroyed as noted in the 4/2011 DDES/DPER stop work orders?

How does the DPER plan to manage the complaint of 3/2011 regarding the VPD tearing out 330 feet of private fencing and razing numerous trees on adjoining private property?

What is the DPER plan to restore the early 1900's survey marker installed on north south line designating not only property divisions but section lines between WM Sec 20 & 29?  (parcels # 292-303-9081 & 292-303-9019 & 202-303-9020) 

What steps have been taken with the digging out of the US Geodetic Survey marker and destruction thereof on the east west line of parcels # 292-303-9081 and #292-303-9019?

Does the DPER have plans of the VPD Fields Project to adhere to King County Codes and State Statutes?  If so what is currently requested of VPD to bring project in compliance of such?  

Thank you for your time.  We look forward to your reply.

Margaret and Gay Rosser
Neighbors and Friends of