Good Morning,

We need a clear statement of exactly where the project of the Vashon Parks Fields Project is at current, Monday October 31, 2011 stands as far as 1) permitting and 2) installations and construction completed without proper permitting. 

L10CG099 is the C & G Type 1 Permit number we were provided by DDES earlier.  It would be very much appreciated if we might have an answer by 11:00 am Tuesday November 1, 2011.

We realize this is short notice but we wanted the most current and accurate information to present on November 1 @ 4:00 P.M. 

Our driveway has been fenced and narrowed from 20 feet to approx. 11 feet and widest approx. 16.5 feet between 70 year old trees and stadium light pillar posts.  How has the DDES decided to handle that? 

FYI, ALL equipment was removed as of last Friday including generators, contractor trailers, tractors ALL everything.  

8 foot tall chain link fence is left blocking our access to easement and narrowing our private driveway. No repair or replacement was accomplished of the 300 feet of our north fence or the 25 feet of our west fence torn out and demolished March 1, 2011 as referred to in complaint electronically filed with DDES 3/02/2011.  We will need to communicate further with the DDES on those matters.

Thank you ever so kindly.

Margaret and Gay Rosser