Wendy & Vashon Parks Department,

I am writing this to advise that at this moment and for the last 30 minutes or more both a dump truck pulled 4 feet onto our private property and a large excavator back hoe type of equipment is blocking our ingress and egress to our driveway.

According to the oral instructions regarding the ex parte, walk-in TRO that VPD filed against Gay Rosser #11-2-34703-6 SEA claiming that she was "especially dangerous" to safety of children on ballfields and the park users, BOTH parties were to refrain from blocking for the weeks from 10/10/2011 to 10/24/2011.

This was witnessed and heard by all present in the Court room at the time.

Please kindly request that ALL vehicles are removed IMMEDIATELY and do not block our ingress or egress access to our roadway until this has been resolved.  Thank you

Margaret and Gay Rosser

cc Commissioner Hollis Holman