Good Morning Mr. Starbard,

We hope this finds you well.  We wish to share concern as activity continues over on the Vashon Parks District Fields.  Generators are being run all day long 7 days a week. This is noisy, smelly and creates vibration from such a large petroleum fuel operated generator.

The generator is being used to run the pumps from the well to "fill the water tanks" that have been placed during the Clearing and Grading Type 1 permit issued.  This is disconcerting in a number of ways.

1) 3 enormous Tanks approximately 15 feet in height and 30 in diameter are set and in use.  Installation of such does not appear with the "Conditions of Permit/Approval, Activity Number   L10CG099   Type: Grading   Date: 6/14/2011"

2) Nor do the set back from property lines that are with-in the King County Codes as related to this project KCC #21A.12.220 which indicates that structures on Parks development may be subject to a 30 foot setback AND KCC 21A.08.040(B)(1)(c) which indicates that they may be subject to a 50 foot setback for lighting and unusual structures and installations.

3)  As they are continually running these generators as stated verbally in our brief meeting with Steve Bottheim and Cathy Ortiz October 5th, using them to pump the well for sprinkling the fields in September and October and now are filling tanks.

4)  We fear that these tanks will become filled weighing hundreds of tons and then would be claimed as unable to move to meet the KCC's due to the waste of water our precious resource, too weighty, too costly or some such diatribe from Vashon Parks. 

We encourage the DDES and Directors in charge to halt any and all activity on this project that is not with-in the Permit description as granted which would include the the stadium light pillars that have been installed as well.  Isn't it illegal to overreach a permit in building, installation or construction without properly permitted process secured?  Isn't it illegal to mislead on conditions and intentions of use to the DDES while applying for a permit knowingly aware that activity is, has and will violate the conditions set forth by DDES in a permit as granted?

We strongly and respectfully request that DDES DO NOT ISSUE THE CONSTRUCTION OR BUILDING PERMITS as requested to apply for in the red-tag of September 2011 of project by DDES Greg Wessel that allows 30 days to apply for permitted installations regarding installations of violation to previous permit.

Another concern that we have is that last Saturday the Parks had a "Come walk the Fields Project---See what we are doing" from 10 a.m. to noon.  We sincerely hope that this will not be considered the Open public Meeting for neighbors to have a voice in the Construction Permit Process that is under review.  Is/was the Saturday 10/15/2011 gathering considered by DDES to fulfill the requirement of Lead Agent, within the Construction permitting phase?  Gay Rosser nor any members of her family attended the "Walk" as per the "ex parte filed TRO" that was levied against her 10/10/2011 by Vashon Parks District.  We need an open public meeting where no one member of the public is restricted by attendance.

We also would like the DDES to take note that the paperwork submitted by Parks as Lead agent and allowing for open public response of 14 to 21 days in the G&G process has no language in the copy of the Beachcomber article Dated April 6 2011 #VL-953.  This was submitted to Steve Bottheim 10/6/2011. Where does the article state a public meeting or public response period of 14 to 21 days?  Was there any public mailings?  Was the DDES provided an "Affidavit of Posting" returned to the Land Use Services Division within 7 days following the date of posting? 

We do not want to have the same elements fall through the cracks as before during the C&G Type 1, later told, it is too late to resolve.  Thus leaving our rural neighborhood residents no opportunity to voice in on this project.

When does the DDES foresee a meeting held that will allow the public an opportunity to state how it affects our homes, lifestyles, property values, stadium lights in dark of night, noise, traffic congestion, dust and air pollution due to exhaust from participants and our quiet hobby farm residential living?

The Vashon Parks Field Project # L10CG099 continues to march forward neglecting the rural neighborhood and public at large & how the numerous impacts of such a massive installation will affect and effect.

What does DDES plan to do to include public opinion on this public project?  What does DDES plan to do to enforce & resolve placement of un-permitted installations that do not adhere to current published King County Code?  We notice that Steve Bottheim extended the C&G Type 1 for an additional year or so.  Why was this done given the many elements that are yet to be resolved and violations of the permit as previously issued noted by DDES?  Why extend what has been "Stop-Work" and "Red-Tagged" leaving open to further abuse of DDES Conditions?

There seems to be no communication papers of e-mails submitted between Fred White and Vashon Parks from dates 4/5/2010 and 5/3/2010?  This was a critical time of communication just prior to issuance of permit on 5/10/2010.  We would request that we receive that information for that month between April and May 2010 in the provisions of our Public Records Request.  Thank you.

We look forward to you reply.


Neighbors of the VES Field Project
Margaret and Gay Rosser 

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