These folks have done a fine job on this web site:
We must NOT let the Obama citizenship issue die.
We MUST keep the heat on every day.
We all have time to make one call, fax, email or twitter or whatever new high tech stuff everyone uses. Me, I just use the old telephone, but it works.
This web site makes it very easy.
They've also provided a 'badge of support' which you can put up on your web site.
I hope all talk show hosts will make this information available to listeners.
With all these tea parties, if only 10% of the numbers would go after this, we could bring it to critical mass.
Phil Berg's site had more than 75 million hits by the first of the year. Orly's sites have been sabotaged several times and she just  issued a cease and desist against the lastest dirt bag who has sold her out. She's kind of winging it right now with a site.
The point is that millions of people know about this issue and want to do more. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting on Glenn Beck.