Dear NAGR supporter:


Well, ObamaNation is here.


We heard lots of sweet-sounding words on Inauguration Day . . . but what did they all mean?


While some may have felt inspired, you and I know that despite all the pretenses of civility, unity, and hope, President Obama promises pain and loss - at least for gun owners.


After all, it's not like a few hours of pomp, circumstance, and hysteria can change a man's 12-year anti-gun record as both an Illinois and United States senator - not to mention the "bitter" statements and promises he made as a Presidential candidate last year.


And I've received a confidential anti-gun memo that shows just how bad things may get.


Take a look at the following set of objectives laid out in a memo from the Brady Campaign, the largest anti-gun group in America, entitled "Proposals for the Obama Administration."


Inside, you can read word-for-word the sinister schemes anti-gun extremists are already implementing - in order to disarm you as soon as possible!


And even more alarming?  The new White House has already adopted some of Brady's radical agenda on their official website:


Scroll down to "Crime and Law Enforcement" to see Obama's preliminary gun control agenda.  And remember: this is just the beginning.



I don't know exactly when the first attack will come.


I do know, however, that the giant is stirring.


More news will follow shortly. For now, send this memo to your friends and prepare for the coming avalanche assault on our God-given and Constitutional rights.



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Dudley Brown

Executive Director

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