Obama aka Soetoro's continuation of the invasions of Iraq and Afganistan has been angering his staunch supporters for months.
Now we have this in the long line of power grab of the hour. 
Turley makes no bones about being a fan of Obama. How this is possible is beyond me. Turley is no dummy. A smart constitutional law professor. Did he not listen to Obama while the One was on the campaign trail? Everything out of Obama's mouth was in contradiction of the constitution and the proper role of government.
But, Turley doesn't like what Obama is doing. Both he and Olbermann look green around the gills. Awww.
Bad advice from Obama's "advisers"? How can these two men still be so naive as to not "get it"? Obama has never been anything but a fake, a phony on a guest to be ruler of the world. As I wrote many months ago, the agenda is to rule we the people with brute force and Obama is the dictator of choice for the masters of the game.

Countdown-Professor Turley on TeamObama: "a breathtaking expansion of sovereign immunity"