Dear Orly:
I had to run over to Midland to get organic food and stuff.
At the check out I see the glaring headlines:
Obama Mutiny!
GI in Iraq rejects prez as Commander-inChief
Lawyer: Hundreds of troops set to follow!
Inside the shocking reason why!
1Lt Scott Easterling's photo is on the cover
You and Leo are discussed in the coverage.
I've never bought a supermarket tabloid in my life, but I bought this one. You might want to get a copy and contact their lawyers.
Here is the cover off their web site:
P.S. We know a tabloid brought down the mighty John Edwards. I believe the Globe's sales per issue runs about 845,000
The Globe has twice covered Larry Sinclair's allegations of homosexual sex and cocaine use (circa 1999) with Obama. In those issues it also covered the allegation that Donald Young was murdered to cover up his homosexual activities with Obama; more recent.
Donald Young was a homosexual choir member at Obama's church; his parents are terrified to talk to anyone. The cops up in Chicago don't seem to want to release anything on their investigation.