Lots of stuff swirling on the Internet about Obama's granny in Hawaii. The one who conveniently passed away one day before the rigged election. The one Obamaination visited Nov 23-25th while in Hawaii, but couldn't find time to get a vault birth cert. I think another relative of Obama's died recently or close to the granny. Dropping like flies.

Anyway, Larry Sinclair, has made inquiry of when granny died trying to track down the rumors about that poor woman.


Thursday, January 8, 2009


I just spoke with Mr. Jerry Andrade, Manager of Borthwick Mortuary of Honolulu/Hilo, HI and informed him that I had received a phone call stating that his business has been accused of falsifying the death and cremation records of Madelyn Dunham.

Mr. Andrade in the first conversation had stated without any hesitation or referring to his records, that Madelyn Dunham was not cremated on October 24, 2008 as alleged by the 12-23-08 phone call I received.

I decided to call Mr. Andrade back and ask him specifically if he was saying the claim that Madelyn Dunham was cremated on October 24, 2008 was in fact false. You can listen for yourself to the conversation regarding the claims made against Borthwick Mortuary and Mr. Andrade's response. In all fairness to Borthwick Mortuary I found a couple of things disturbing.

First, he could provide me the "date of Death" but could not provide me the date of Cremation.

Second, I was put on hold so Mr. Andrade could get the Dunham file and when I asked if he could give me the "time of death" he stated he did not have that at the time.

I have promised Mr. Andrade that I will be back in touch with him concerning the phone call from the individual claiming to be employed by Borthwick Mortuary.

I have a call in to the Hawaii Department of Health as well.

One more interesting note. From the Mortuary web site you can download and print out a death certificate to be complete by anyone and be submitted for certifying.