BO was born in Kenya according to many witnesses, attended
Occidental U and Columbia as Barry Sotero - on an Indonesian
Passport. This is why NO ONE from the medical system in 
Honolulu, or at either University - remembers Barrack Obama.
Obama attended Harvard as Barrack Obama - and was moved
to head the Harvard Law Review. Who paid for all this education
is a mystery. BO refused to release any university records,
medical records, birth records - or campaign funding records!....
(his tax returns showed only nominal student loans)

The people who actually run this country just want to show us that:

1.  The Constitution is their arse wipe

2.  They see the USA as the means to their global government - the Constitution must go !

3.  They can put a non US born person over us using their media control/ownership..

(McCain was their backup - Ron Paul was their nemesis, as were Dems Kucinich and Gravel - these three the only truth tellers in US Politics)