"Obama, Congress and the Catalytic Converter!"
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
Copyright May 3, 2009 - All Rights Reserved
What do Obama, the U. S. Congress and the automobile's catalytic converter have in common?  Lots of shine, expensive and do all the wrong things! 
Let's go back to 1975 when the U. S. Congress, always meddling in the private affairs of industry and the people, (more now, than ever) were convinced by the inmates of the environmental cult, to "convert" the emissions from automobile exhaust to less toxic substances, for the protection of that other God, Gai'a, the God of Earth.   This new meddling would require a very expensive catalytic converter.   Let's see now ..... what was that one less toxic substance the catalytic converter, converted the exhaust to?  That's right, you guessed it ..... carbon dioxide, CO2 in a chemist's language.
Now, today, praise be to Gai'a, CO2 is a pollutant!  And why is it a pollutant?  Because the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says it is.  Why does the EPA say it is a pollutant?  Because the inmates of the environmental cult told them to say it, because allegedly, CO2 will fly up into the stratosphere and stop heat from escaping the Earth and thus raise the temperature of the Earth by a whopping 0.7 degrees centigrade, in 150 years.  Good Lord!  Now that is a crisis.  
Oops!  Except for four little tiny things the "inmates" keep forgetting, or purposely choose to ignore.  CO2 is heavier than air and thus stays close to the ground where the plants trees and sea-life suck it up by the quadrillion tons.  If plants, trees and ocean creatures love it so, how can it be a pollutant?  How indeed!  Now CO2 represents less than 0.2% of all other greenhouse gases.  Man's contribution to that CO2 is even a much smaller percentage than 0.2%.  The largest greenhouse gas having the greatest affect on planet's heating or cooling, is water vapor.  Water vapor represents at least 95% of all greenhouse gases.  Common sense dictates that water vapor has the greatest greenhouse effect, if any, and CO2 is less than negligible.  Then of course, the "inmates" completely disregard the significant effect that the great big heat-producer and nuclear furnace in the sky, has on planet Gai'a, our Sun.  Finally, there is the effect of cosmic rays on the production of clouds.  Less clouds, more heating.  More clouds, less heating.  Tell the "inmates" to add these variables in their computer models and see what they get.  Gibberish!  Any scientists worth his degree will tell you, you can't produce long-range accurate predictions, by computer-modelling, a non-linear dynamic system.  Remember, a weather forecast is only good for about two hours.  Five-day and 10-day weather forecasts are non-reliable in less than 24 hours.  Check it out.
Nevertheless, in the infinite wisdom of Obama, past presidents, the ever-corrupt U. S. Congress and the inmates over there at the environmental cult agency (ECA), CO2 must now be reduced, or eliminated altogether to prevent that crisis of all crises, man-caused global warming.  Obviously, this will require new rules to be promulgated by ECA to limit this poisonous, highly toxic, pollutant, that plants, trees and sea-life love.   Let's see.  What will those new rules cost, do you think?  Probably trillions.
What then the catalytic converter that produces huge quantities of CO2?  It will obviously have to be redesigned to convert engine exhaust into something less toxic than CO2.  Hmmm!  What would that less-toxic something be?  CO1, maybe, or how about just "O".   Wait a minute.  You can't produce "O", when the car burns all the "O", or can you?.  In the end, it is just one more unnecessary cost added to the price of a car for a non-crisis that government manufactured, for reasons that remain only known to them.   No wonder American car companies are going broke.
And one more thing.  Did you know that catalytic converters are lined with Platinum, or another rare-earth metal?  The current spot price for platinum is around $1,100 per oz.  The spot price for gold is hovering around $900 an oz.  So platinum is more expensive than Gold.  That begs the question, how much did the cost of the platinum or other rare-earth element, that lines the inside of a catalytic converter, add to the original price of a car?  A catalytic converter that emits CO2, which has now been declared a pollutant by the inmates in the asylum, the president, congress, the environmental cult and the EPA and must be significantly reduced, or eliminated?    At least hundreds of dollars per car, is the answer.  Hmmm!
When government sticks "its" dirty little hands in places they don't belong, nor have the authority to be there in the first place, the unintended consequences their actions produce, rains down on our freedom and liberty parade and we the people get to pay through the nose for their stupidity ..... or is it their insanity?
The question is, how long are we the people going to let the inmates run the asylum ..... inmates that operate in direct violation of the document that gives them their very limited authority to operate? 

Ron Ewart, President


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