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President-elect accused of defrauding public
'This was a giant bait-and-switch,' says lawyer who investigates government corruption

Posted: November 20, 2008

By Bob Unruh
 2008 WorldNetDaily

The attorney who founded Judicial Watch, the government-watchdog organization that has hounded both Clinton and Bush administrations over their forays outside of approved government policy and ethics, says the American voters have been "defrauded" by President-elect Barack Obama.

"He promised change. He didn't promise a second Clinton administration," Larry Klayman, who also has founded and now works with Freedom Watch, told WND today.

"I think we were defrauded. This was a giant bait-and-switch," Klayman said of Obama's pre-election promises and post-election appointments.

Those appointments have been raising concerns as Obama has picked a number of individuals who were prominent in Clinton's power structure to take even more powerful positions in Obama's new corps of executives.

"This was obviously the quid pro quo in getting Bill and Hillary on board so they didn't mess up the general election," Klayman said.

Among the appointees of whom Klayman was critical was Obama's new chief of staff, Congressman Rahm Emmanuel.

He, Klayman said, "ran political interference for Bill and Hillary Clinton in the Clinton White House."

"Then there is Gregory Craig, during the Clinton years an outside lawyer who helped cover up the full details of the Lewinsky scandal and played a crucial role, as the lawyer for the leftist American Council of Churches, in sending Elian Gonzalez back to Castro's Cuba," Klayman said.

"Finally, coupled with the likely selection of Chinagate mastermind Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, President-elect Obama has now added insult to injury and even nominated Eric Holder as attorney general," he continued.

He explained Holder was the "yes man" for former Attorney General Janet Reno in the Justice Department who "not only oversaw the selling of pardons for campaign contributions for the Clinton-Gore administration, he threatened the girlfriend of former Commerce Secretary Ron Brown with criminal tax prosecution to keep quiet about the Clinton administration illegally selling seats on trade missions and national security information to the Chinese, again for campaign contributions.

"Nolanda Hill, Brown's then girlfriend, and others, testified under oath about this while I was pursuing the Chinagate scandal. And, Holder assisted Janet Reno in covering up this scandal generally," Klayman said.

"My colleagues and I at Freedom Watch will oppose their nominations by filing one lawsuit after another and exposing them before the Senate committees taking up their nominations," he said.

The change promise from Obama involved "concealing from the American people the return of the ethically compromised players in the scandal-ridden Clinton-Gore administration.," Klayman said.

He further cited John Podesta, who was a Clinton chief of staff "who participated in destroying and hiding incriminating e-mail during the Clinton years (and who could still be found in criminal contempt in the on-going Filegate case which I filed), is the policy guru and head of transition."

Klayman was not the only one raising eyebrows and alarms over Obama's selections.

According to Tony Perkins' Family Research Council, word that ex-Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, who was turned out of the Senate by his own constituents, would be named Secretary of Health and Human Services, was "frightening."

'"As majority leader, Daschle was a notorious opponent of every pro-life measure. He blocked the partial-birth abortion ban, voted for taxpayer-funded military abortions, and supported a measure that would have forced Americans to pay for the distribution of the morning-after pill to young school girls," FRC said.

"Apart from his extreme political ideology, the selection of Daschle is even more troubling because the South Dakotan lacks any experience in the public health arena. To most Americans, who thought this election was about 'change,' these appointments must seem incredibly ironic. So far, the new Obama administration has only managed to change the titles of the same old liberal leadership."

Klayman's old organization, Judicial Watch, was of the same mind.

"It is a shame all that business about change was apparently just hot air," the organization said in a prepared statement.

Klayman told WND the result will be that conservatives, libertarians and independents will be "incensed."

Even the days of controversy over Bill Clintons "more bizarre" actions such as his advocacy for homosexuals in the military "will be a warmup act" to watch will happen with Obama.

"A tremendous effort is going to be made by the right and the middle to have his administration grind to a halt," Klayman said. "Even the liberal Democrats have been defrauded. They did not vote for the recycled, corrupt individuals like Eric Holder or Hillary with her scandals."

"He [Obama] has done something much more stupid than Clinton did at the outset of his administration. He has defrauded his own base," Klayman said.

Klayman raised numerous questions over Clinton's behavior in the White House and at one point obtained a court finding that Clinton committed a crime by violating the Privacy Act over the release of personnel information concerning a woman he groped in the Oval Office, Kathleen Willey.

She later wrote a book about her experiences with the Clintons, called "Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill & Hillary Clinton."

Klayman has been occupied in recent weeks with a lawsuit he's brought against the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC, alleging members have violated U.S. anti-trust laws.

Klayman recently was successful is serving the oil minister from Venezuela with notice of the lawsuit.