Someone made an interesting observation I missed.
Watching Obama and Roberts together made me sick.
Roberts addressed Obama as Senator.
Not president-elect. Actually, he didn't have to address him by any title at that point if you watch the clip again.
Obama resigned his senate seat Nov. 16, 2008.
Why would Roberts call him senator? A slip of the tongue? This person thinks it might be a Freudian slip, but I don't think so. The fix was in and Roberts played his part all smiles. 
Well, the cattle don't care. The prod was put to them. The herding went well today.
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From: Devvy Kidd
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Subject: Nervous Obama Flubs Oath of Office

About a one minute clip.
For the glib orator, he screwed up nicely as Chief In Justice John Roberts administered the oath to this impostor.
Nervous? Perhaps. Obama knew exactly what he was doing during the swearing in. He took the final step and has gone for broke.
The court is closed again today, so I assume they will issue a Denied tomorrow for Phil's case heard last Friday.
Roberts and the other justices will sit down in 3 1/2 days to conference Lightfoot v Bowen.
Now that Roberts knowingly has sworn in an impostor.
Now that Roberts has met in private with the defendant and target of that litigation, I assume we'll see a Denied for Monday's orders.
What a hoax on the American people.