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Last night a major announcement: Obama is taking a few days to hurry to Hawaii. His grand mother is sick. The media has zero details on this illness or why Obama has to drop his campaign plans and run to Hawaii.
This is the latest from Phil on his lawsuit re Obama's birth certificate --- a Hawaiian one.
I absolutely wish no ill will towards Obama's grandmother, but it sure it seems like a huge coincidence considering the timing of Phil's release. If I lived in Honolulu where the State Department of Health issues birth certs, I'd be camped out there just to see who shows up in the next few days....maybe Michael Signator.
This press release should be taken or faxed TODAY to every Secretary of State of the Union with a polite demand that Obama be declared ineligible to appear on the ballot.
If you have a radio show, I hope you will air this press release.
FAX it to your state rep and state senator.
FAX it to your local county clerk with a short letter letting him/her know Obama cannot be an eligible candidate on election day because - include the legal definiton of 'request for admissions.'
I will do mine this morning.
If we the people flood all of the above -- by the MILLIONS - we can make the volanco erupt and the hell with FAUX News and all the rest.
Phil has done all this work, we need to back up his efforts. We can get Obama off the ballot.
For those of you who don't what Request for Admissions means in Phil's press release:
request for admission

A discovery procedure, authorized by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the court rules of many states, in which one party asks an opposing party to admit that certain facts are true. If the opponent admits the facts or fails to respond in a timely manner, the facts will be deemed true for purposes of trial. A request for admission is called a "request to admit" in many states.

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