Joel puts out an excellent weekly commentary on world events. For those of you who might not know some of the finer detailers -- please see items in red, beginning paragraph 3
My friend in Denver forwarded Phil's radio appearance from yesterday. If Surrick doesn't rule by today, he will take it to the U.S. Supreme Court:
"Here is the link for listening to Phil Berg's almost one hour interview on the Peter Boyles show today.
Haven't heard anything more on Martin's emergency writ of mandamus to the Hawaii Supreme Court.
Obama is in Hawaii. Obama's grandma is in Hawaii; the last living witness states side who knows the truth in the family.
Jerome Corsi is in Hawaii. Martin is in Hawaii.
We also know Obama cannot produce any proof of any kind (refuses) of his alleged time at Columbia.
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I'm putting the economic issues in second position this week to cover an important and ongoing election story with tremendous legal consequences to the issue of presidential qualifications. The election's most under-reported story, among many, is the story of Obama's origins in Kenya and the evidence indicating that Obama's subsequent birth certificate from Hawaii was falsified to give him citizen status. There are two court cases pending on the issue, and it seems obvious now that the courts are dragging their feet to evade a ruling until the election is over. The State of Hawaii appeared to be complicit in the forgery when it happened and is now equally reluctant to come forth and certify the bogus copy of a birth certificate. The US government Election Commission has also failed to do its due diligence in certifying Obama's citizenship and right to be a US President. Don't expect this important legal technicality to stop the Obama steamroller. There exists a major conspiracy of silence.

The notoriously liberal debunking website dismisses the legal challenges to Obama's citizenship as typical of many "unsuccessful challenges" common to US elections. That's a bit premature to label a current case as "unsuccessful," especially when they don't have the courtesy to air any of the powerful evidence submitted in this legal challenge nor comment on its veracity. This is typical of debunking sites that are propaganda arms of the establishment. They never attempt to answer the tough questions, only the easy straw man arguments. gives us a summary of the issues in the case: "A Mr. Philip Berg [a Clinton Democrat] presented a case before Federal District Court (Philadelphia), last summer, to have Obama, DNC and Federal Elections Commission show evidence, in the face of Berg's powerful evidence to the contrary, that Obama is a "Natural Born Citizen." The defendants moved to dismiss, but the judge denied the motion (9/29) and seemed to think Berg's documented evidence, that Obama was born in Kenya and then naturalized into Indonesia, was powerful enough to order defendants to produce verified documentation to support Obama's "Natural Born" claim and status. The judge ordered defendants to produce a birth certificate verified by Hawaii, which seems to be a problem, as well as other documents. On 10/6/2008, defendants filed for protection until they can argue it out. They filed for relief in DC and several levels of government agencies.

"On 10/7/2008, a Psychiatrist Dr. Bradley filed a motion to intervene on Berg's behalf. The "friend of the Court" [amicus brief] asked to be placed in the records as 'Jane Doe,' citing professional and family reasons. She presented documentation from Obama's grandmother, stepbrother and stepsister that Obama was born in Kenyaand, after birth, was rushed to Hawaii to fraudulently file for birth certification. She further documented that Obama's Indonesian step sister was also rushed to Hawaii for US certification after her birth.

"Further, Bradley produced documentation that Obama had Indonesian citizenship under the name of Barry Soetoro. He also had an Indonesian passport up to and beyond age 18. After moving in with his Grandmother in Hawaii he did not 'naturalize,' as would be required. Bradley's motion is that Obama is actually an illegal alien. 10/9/2008: In response to defendants' request for evasion and continued secrecy, Berg filed a summary motion for a speedy trial date ... against BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA (his post Pakistan trip name), a/k/a BARRY SOETORO (his Indonesian name), a/k/a, BARRY OBAMA (his American nickname), a/k/a, and BARACK DUNHAM (another formerly used name)."

Obama has claimed at various times to have been born at either Queens Medical Center or Kapiolani Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. Public records do not show any record of his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham (Obama) giving birth to anyone in either place. There is no record of Obama being a naturalized US. Citizen. Thus, the court must rule by default judgment that Obama was born in the Coast Province Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya, as per evidence present by Mr. Berg and that he is not a US citizen.

But, the court is stalling. According to the Philidelphia Daily News, "Mike Finney, deputy clerk to Judge Surrick, says that their office has gotten a blizzard of phone calls about the suit. 'Within the past week the calls have instensified,' Finney told us. 'People from all across the country have been calling.' He said we should expect a ruling soon. We'll see. I suspect the judge will either grant a further delay to produce evidence or will find some other technical excuse to stall. Default of a court order is an open and shut cause for affirming the case. The judge is obviously consulting with the PTB on how to get out of this predicament without declaring Obama's candidacy illegal. This is further evidence that the judicial branch of the US is compromised and the Constitution is dead whenever it gets in the way of the establishment agenda.


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