I would appreciate each of you reading the below notes
that I have written, also consider their qualities and implications
involved. This is true, just the way it happened.

On Friday, March 6th of this year I and two of my fishing buddies went
to Abbortsford, BC for their sportsman show. When we got to the
border, two of us had passports, the third did not for his had
expired. No problem, he had his drivers license and a copy of his
birth certificate. I was driving, handed the Canadian customs officer
the passports and his info. He checked the passports and then looking
at the "copy" of the birth certificate and noted that it was copied on
two sheets of paper then stapled together to form the front and back.
Anyway he asked, "why is this stapled together?" The reply was a
shrug of the shoulders and "I don't know". Then he asked "where is
the original?" Reply "locked in my pickup at my friends house."
Customs, "you mean you leave the original in your pickup?" Reply was
silence. Customs, "if I owed you money and copied a twenty dollar
bill would you accept it as payment?" I thought to myself, a point
well taken. Reply, "no." Then he wrote up a slip, we had to go
inside to be checked out, it only took a few minutes for them to
verify things on the computer and we were on the way. Thinking about
that young customs officer lead me to the validity of a copy in his
line of reasoning. He was right, a copy should not be the considered
the same as originals. Like drivers license, marriage license, titles
to your home and car, etc.. A point, as I said before, well taken.

Now consider this: We now have a president, just sworn into office,
who was approached during the presidential campaign about proof of his
"natural birth within the United States of America". What he or his
office (or who ever was responsible) presented for this proof was a
"COPY" of his birth certificate. Now, Canada wanted an original just
to travel into their country for a few hours, "not a copy", so we had
to be checked out. Barack Obama presented a copy (not just a copy but
one "without a number" which is customary on this type of document -
my friends copy did have the official number). So far Obama has
gotten away with receiving the greatest honor for the highest and most
prestigious office in all the world with just a copy and with the
"number" blacked out to boot. The supreme court threw out an attempt
to make him come up with the original, the state of Hawaii will only
let Obama access the so called original, there are still several cases
pending in several states for him to show "proof". It is understood
that Obama's grandmother, before her death, swore (at least stated)
she was present at his birth and it was in Kenya, not Hawaii. Think
about this again, we need an original to go to Canada, he only needed
a copy to become President of the United States. If he was born in
Hawaii why would he try to avoid presenting the original? The only
reason I can find in my thoughts is that his grandmother was right.
In this event he should be expelled from the office at once.

Think about this and pass it on to everyone you know, friend or foe.
Thank You, John Morgan

PS: I just hope and pray that somehow we and our country survive what
is going on in our world today. We are loosing our rights with each
day that passes and yet they give them to illegal's. I could go on
and on but the main thing I have stated. As most of you know, the man
I wanted to see in office never got out of the starting gate and most
likely because "he never sold his soul to anyone" and he would not
sell you and I either. Don't just let this ride, there is far more at
stake than any of use can imagine.