I've been following this and it's simply stupefying.

Dr. Orly Taitz new post:

Follow up on fraudulent information

As I stated previously, a private investigator has provided me with some 80 addresses with names of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Ann Soetoro (and other names that she used).
Numerous volunteers around the country searched the databases and actually drove to locations and found numerous fraudulent addresses and fraudulent SS numbers. I was trying to ascertain, where did this info come from and why. I got info that it came from two databases: Lexis Nexis and Choice point. Lexis Nexis is owned by Reed Elsevier, that is headquartered in London and Amsterdam.
Choice Point was purchased by Reed Elsevier as well and was turned into Risk and Information Analysis group. This company has internal investigation unit, however a person with standing to force an internal investigation would be someone personally affected by this fraudulent info. For example, somebody whose name, address and phone number were connected in database to someone else's social security number. This person will have the right to demand investigation to see where this data came from.

I would ask all volunteers to contact people that were actually affected and ask them to file a complaint with Lexis Nexis or Reed Elsevier and write on the complaint that it is cc-d to FBI, local police, Secret Service and the media. This should get them moving. (please scan the letter and e-mail me a copy).