Update From Linda Star

"I can tell you we are sure Barry was born in Kenya, not Hawaii. Information, or in this one case no information, is much easier to get on a deceased person. No healthcare facility can provide information with a million court orders, if it doesn’t exist in the first place."


We need volunteers in Iowa- Really urgent and important

Yesterday I posted an article by Linda Starr, that mentioned investigation of Obama, based on the fact that he fraudulently obtained salary and benefits of State and US Senator.

Why is she saying that? There is no proof that BO was born in this country and even if he were to be born here, his mother has relinquished his US citizenship when the family immigrated to Indonesia and obtained Indonesian citizenship, that doesn't allow dual citizenship and his US citizenship was relinquished at that time. There is a mounting evidence that Obama has reaffirmed his exclusive Indonesian citizenship as an adult by traveling on Indonesian passport and receiving financial aid in this country as a foreign student from Indonesia.
Why am I asking for volunteers from Iowa? Let me explain. There is a law called "False Claims Act". This law gives an opportunity to ordinary citizens to file claims against an individual or company that received benefits from Federal government under false claims (receiving a salary of a US or State Senator while not being a legal citizen would suffice). A person that sponsored this legislation and ardently pushed for it was the most senior member of senate finance committee, Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa (R).
Everything I read about Senator Grassley tells me that he is a decent man that genuinely cares about this country and it's people. Maybe we have patriots in Iowa, that can call senator Grassley today, forward the information we gathered on Obama and demand a formal investigation by the Senate finance committee, please demand that senator Grassley object to the electoral vote day after tomorrow and demand formal investigation of Obama's citizenship.
If you can get me in touch with senator Grassley and arrange a conference call, please contact me at 949-683-5411. (please, no crazy phone calls)
If needed, I will fly to DC or Iowa immediately