I am so happy to see Leo is not part of the Schulz circus on Monday.
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Leo Donofrio has provided an update on the Supreme Court Docket, campaigns by other people and radio interviews
today, Friday, December 5, 2008.

LINK:  https://citizenwells.wordpress.com/2008/12/05/leo-donofrio-us-supreme-court-update-December-5-2008-docket-confusion-donofrio-on-docket-entries-dr-taitz-jusctices-decision-1000-am-Monday-December-8-2008-radio-interviews-today/

Ireland Bookmakers /Gamblers begin taking bets/ odds on Obama impeachment or resignation...

Obama Nationalization Controversy Has Little Affect on Odds

Submitted by Jagajeet Chiba on Sat, 12/06/2008 - 00:07.

Oddsmakers at Ireland's leading bookmaker, Paddy Power, have been listing odds on a Barack Obama impeachment or resignation since he was voted into office on that historic day last month.

The odds remain long despite growing coverage over his nationalization.

That online bookmaker was offering 28 to 1 odds that Obama would resign during his first term in office and 33 to 1 odds that he would be impeached.



AP Mocks Obama Birth Certificate Lawsuits [ in their AP video ]
By Buffoon
The propaganda is clear. Alan Keyes and anyone who questions Obama’s birth certificate, are sore losers, conspiracy theorist or just plain whack jobs. Good job AP! Your masters are pleased…
Democrat=Socialist - https://www.dequalss.com/wp/


Leo Donofrio Not Involved with National Press Club Event

Leo Donofrio, Plaintiff in Donofrio v. Wells, posted an article on his blog specifically stating that he will not be part of the National Press Club event scheduled for 1:30pm ET Monday, December 8. Some sources say that the Supreme Court will be handing down its decision on Leo’s case by 10am ET shortly before the event.

The full comment follows…

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I will not be there and am not in any way associated with this event.

Please pass this information out to the blogosphere far and wide.   The event has nothing to do with me.

World Net Daily has their story wrong.  I am not involved and nobody is representing my case at this event. 




UPDATE: Obama's Birth Status

This issue has gone too far. At this point, whether or not he is a citizen almost seems to be a moot point. What concerns us most are three things: 1) the stubbornness of a president-elect who has it within his power to end the controversy immediately and yet insists on willfully defying court orders and ignoring the efforts of countless agencies and individuals who merely demand the truth; 2) the deliberate efforts of the media to keep the issue under wraps and to dismiss it as a "conspiracy theory"; 3) the willingness of the Supreme Court to ignore the validity of the lawsuits challenging Obama's qualifications for the presidency.

The issue is so widely ignored by the media that most people don't realize the basic difference between the Berg case and the Donofrio case. Simply put, Berg (a Democrat) claims that Obama is not qualified for the presidency because he was not born not in Hawaii, but in Kenya. Donofrio accepts Hawaii as Obama's birthplace, but claims that Obama is not qualified for the presidency because he had dual citizenship (Kenya and the U. S.) at the time of his election. Either scenario (not having been born on U. S. soil OR possessing dual citizenship) would make Obama's election illegal according to the Constitution.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that, while the Constitution provides that no person except a natural born citizen shall be eligible to the Office of President, it provides no specifications as to how that qualification for office is to be enforced. Thus, the courts -- even the Supreme Court -- have the right to claim that the question of a president's citizenship is not a matter for the courts to decide. That is exactly what is happening thus far in the lower courts, and there is a good chance that the Supreme Court will follow suit and dismiss the case without comment.

We find the media's attitude reprehensible, but then again we agree with Sean Hannity's statement that "journalism died in 2008". The media, as usual, has provided little or no help. The major networks appear to be more concerned with advancing their own agenda than in informing the public about the ramifications of Obama's silent refusal to produce the one single document that can end a controversy which is reported more widely overseas than here on the homefront. CBS recently released this mission statement:

“Recognizing the power and influence the company carries through its nationwide reach of network programming and local television stations, CBS has been on the forefront of making diversity a reality through a wide array of initiatives targeted to writers, directors and actors including mentoring, workshops and talent showcases.”

CBS, while recognizing the incredible power it has to influence the American people, evidently feels it has no responsibility to ask the legitimate question of Barack Hussein Obama’s constitutional eligibility to be our President; not an organization that would revel in its success of destroying all things Republican, they have now returned to their primary mission, social engineering, as their mission statement illustrates.

That a mainstream media organization is biased in favor of the Obama junta is of course no surprise, since it is their journalistic malfeasance and unabashed collusion with the left that gave the White House to Obama through an informational coup. However, considering the current controversy regarding Obama's birth status, how can it be that no one in the press finds this newsworthy?

According to Edwin Vieira, a constitutional lawyer who has practiced for 30 years and holds four degrees from Harvard, there would be serious problems if Obama were found to be ineligible for the presidency. An article in The Bulletin by John P. Connolly, explains why:

"Let's assume he wasn't born in the U.S.," Mr. Vieira told The Bulletin. "What's the consequence? He will not be eligible. That means he cannot be elected validly. The people and the Electoral College cannot overcome this and the House of Representatives can't make him president. So what's the next step? He takes the oath of office, and assuming he's aware he's not a citizen, then it's a perjured oath."

"Any appointments made by an ineligible president would have to be recalled, and their decisions would be invalidated.

"He may have nominated people to different positions; he may have nominated people to the judicial branch, who may have been confirmed, they may have gone out on xecutive duty and done various things," said Mr. Vieira. "The people that he's put into the judicial branch may have decided cases, and all of that needs to be unzipped."

"Mr. Vieira said Obama supporters should be the ones concerned about the case, because Mr. Obama's platform would be discredited it he were forced to step down from the presidency later due to his ineligibility, were it to be discovered."

With dire consequences to be faced in case our newly elected president is ineligible, why does the media condone Obama's shocking silence, which would normally be equated with fraud. Doesn't Obama have a moral duty to his constituents to at least address the issue, clear the air, and provide the necessary verification rather than let suspicion fester? A birth certificate is such a basic document. Most of us have been asked to produce one for various reasons, none of them as monumental as the birth status of a president. Why would he refuse to do this if he has nothing to hide?


  • The Washington Times reports: "The Supreme Court held off Friday on deciding whether to grant a hearing in a long-shot lawsuit that would decide whether Barack Obama can constitutionally become president as a "natural born" U.S. citizen.

    The Friday list of court orders that denies or grants hearings did not mention the lawsuit, which says Mr. Obama should be disqualified from the presidency because he purportedly acquired the same British citizenship that his father had when he was born.

    A spokesman for the court said the decision on whether to hear the suit brought by retired New Jersey lawyer Leo Donofrio is likely to be announced next week.

    A decision not to grant a writ of certiorari -- the legal term for the declaration that the justices will hear the case -- would mean that a lower court ruling that dismissed the lawsuit can stand.

    The Supreme Court's justices met in a private conference Friday morning to discuss the issue. At least four of the court's nine justices must approve before the case is heard.

  • The Earth Frisk Blog has an interesting article titled "Hospitals in Hawaii to Obama: You Were Not Born Here!" Apparently, hospital after hospital in Honolulu (where Obama claims to have been born) is claiming to have NO RECORD of Obama being born there. Obama refuses to disclose the name of the Honolulu hospital where he was born.
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High court unlikely to hear suits about Obama's citizenship
Sun-Sentinel.com - Fort Lauderdale,FL,USA
A second, by Leo C. Donofrio of East Brunswick, NJ, asserts that neither Sens. John McCain nor Obama were natural born citizens. ...