FYI - Latest from Andy Martin

This letter is meant to address three matters:

1. I am formally renewing my request for access to the original, typewritten 1961 COLB/birth certificate, so that there is no question that a formal request has been made and received by your offices. If that
document as amended in any way, I demand access to the complete file. Michelle Obama has been quoted (I don't know how accurately) as saying her husband was 'adopted' at some point.

2. This letter is meant to place you on notice that I believe Dr. Fukino's statements to the media on Friday, October 31st concerning the original, typewritten 1961 COLB waived any secrecy concerning the original COLB because she specifically invited or solicited news coverage and invited commentary and attention on the document.

3. I am also submitting a request pursuant to the Hawai'i Uniform Information Practices Act ('UIPA'), HRS 92F-1 et seq. for communications to and from your offices concerning the COLB with persons outside your offices and media, as well as your inter-office communications concerning the matter of the COLB.

The rest is at the link above