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John Linder to stand and object Obama at Electoral Count
12/17/2008 | Autumnraine

Posted on Wednesday, December 17, 2008 12:05:48 PM by autumnraine

I read a post the other day that a Freeper got from Congressman John Linder, Georgia, stating that he would stand and object to Obama if he doesn't show proof of constitutional eligibility.

I emailed Mr. Linder and asked if he did indeed write that email and if he was serious about holding Obama to task on something as serious as this.

A few moments ago I received a phone call from Congressman Linder's office confirming that he intends to do exactly that and he is just as intent as us on verifying Obama's eligibility.

I told his staffer (very nice lady) that I was proud of him and that I appreciated his bravery as I know he is going against the tide with this.

She said that she herself was concerned as she had to show full, long form documentation to even work in the building for a Congressman and we shouldn't be told to just take someone's word for an office as important as POTUS.

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that at least one Congressman is standing up to this, even if the SCOTUS doesn't have the nerve to examine what would seem to be a reasonable question.


LINK:  https://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/2150318/posts

CONTACT TO ENCOURAGE JOHN LINDER:  https://linder.house.gov/index.cfm?FuseAction=ContactJohn.ContactForm