How many half brothers and sisters does this guy have?

President Barack Obama's half-brother was denied a visa to enter Britain following an accusation that he attempted to sexually assault on a young British girl.

The British newspaper The Sun reports that Samson Obama, a Kenyan national, tried to enter Britain while he was on his way to Washington, DC for his brother's Presidential Inauguration on January 20.

However, according to The Sun reporter Gloria Di Piero, immigration agents at East Midlands Airport, using the latest biometric tests, discovered he was linked to an incident in the United Kingdom that occurred in November, 2008.

Information on the database revealed that Samson -- who manages a mobile phone shop just outside Nairobi, Kenya -- was in fact the man who was arrested by police officers in Berkshire after he allegedly approached a group of young girls, including a 13 year-old, and allegedly tried to sexually assault one of them.

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