Roni & Dave & Stephanie -
Just a quick note FYI.
Sheriff Joe Arpiao team found Obama forged his Selective Service app and the Selective Service and Hawaii are stonewalling his team investigation of the originals.  Check out Sheriff Joe's letter toward bottom of this link. While this is no surprise and relative old news but newly restaged compliments of Sheriff Joe one of the few honest Sheriff's.
The big picture is more unbelievable i.e. that a designated candidate can be implanted into any level of any government in the world when you are on the inside of this globalist hierarchy.  All it takes is money and power and having the right contacts.  This is a piece of cake for the globalists.  Even President Carter was surprised he could not pick his own cabinet members because they were being screened by the globalist cartels.
It is the "unimaginable" that is killing us because few can believe there are such deeply rooted demonic forces in the world that can "reach down" into the highest levels of your country not to mention your own state, county and municipality and cook the books, e.g. the country's monetary system, banks, bypass the founding charters and grease the laws, stage a false flag attack and order up a war then print up billions of dollars of fiat debt bearing notes to be used to snuff out the very same nation who is burdened with paying off the debt.  All while they take out or ridicule anyone who resists or attempts to expose the game.  If someone is lucky to get to the public at large they will stage a larger false flag event to derail any movements making serious change.
No one can escape because every state, county and city municipal is locked into the same political subdivision that is self protecting from being open or  changed. 
The Matrix is real.