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Fellow Patriot,
Breitbart News – never a so-called ‘birther’ organization, but always a conservative one – has obtained an actual copy of a booklet distributed to “business colleagues” in the publishing industry more than a decade ago.

And what this little booklet contains is no less than STUNNING: a succinct biography of Obama which pitches the author as “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”
The 36-page long promotional booklet celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of Acton & Dystel, founded in 1976, cost the agency tens of thousands of dollars to produce in 1991.

To us, however, it is no less than PRICELESS!
Jay Acton confirmed with Breitbart News the precise details of the booklet, emphasizing that while  "almost nobody" wrote his or her own biography, the non-athletes in the booklet, whom "the agents deal[t] with on a daily basis," were "probably" approached to approve the text as presented.
Of course, this isn’t the first evidence to appear on the scene indicating a Kenyan birth for the current Occupier of the Oval Office. 

Obama is even known to frequently LIE about aspects of his own life for political gain, but what is there to gain about lying about being Kenyan?

Preferential treatment in the college admissions pool, maybe?
Then again, what is to be gained by lying about being an American?
Earlier this spring, the Cold Case Posse revealed it was impossible to confirm that Obama was not born in Kenya and brought to the United States as a days-old infant for his birth to be registered in Hawaii.
The Cold Case Posse was assembled by Sheriff Joe after hundreds of constituents expressed the fear that Obama’s name was being put on the 2012 election ballot in Arizona using a fraudulent document.
As part of their investigation to debunk speculation that Obama was actually born in Kenya, they checked to determine whether a young mother arrived in the United States from Kenya shortly after Obama’s reported Aug. 4, 1961 date of birth.

Out of ten years’ records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service cards filled out by passengers arriving on international flights of the United States, only one week is missing from the National Archives in Washington, D.C., – the week of Barack Hussein Obama’s birth, and nobody seems to know where they went. The investigation report reads, “to date, investigators have not been able to locate the relevant airline passenger flight manifests for 1961.”
The National Archives has even confirmed the investigation’s report that not only are the INS records for those flights arriving in Hawaii during the week of Obama’s birth missing on the microfilm reels examined, the records are also missing in the primary database.
And the evidence contradicting Obama’s self-proclaimed U.S. Citizenship is lacking while evidence he was born abroad keeps piling up.
The Kenyan government investigated the possibility of Obama’s birth in Kenya, but Nairobi officials were unable to find evidence Obama was born in Kenya – instead officials said the government had “information” that relevant birth records may have been removed or were otherwise missing…
An “interim report” by Kenya’s National Security Intelligence Service (NSIS) issued back in September 2008 concluded that a birth certificate in the name of Barack Hussein Obama may have been issued.” The report even went onto say that some leads require further investigation “because it appears some powerful forces as it were are hell bent in defeating this investigation.”
Among the records missing for Barack Obama, that would be available for any other president are passport records, school records, Harvard Law Review writings, scholarly articles for the University of Chicago, state bar association records from Illinois, Illinois state senate records, the marriage and divorce documents for his mother, his adoption records and others.
Without the records magically reappearing to prove otherwise, this leaves wide open the possibility that the rumors are true – that Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, who was reportedly visiting her husband’s family in Kenya shortly before the birth, in fact gave birth in Kenya and returned to the United States shortly thereafter. After all, airlines at that time likely would not have allowed a woman expecting to give birth at any moment to board an extended international flight.
While there’s no proof of date for when Obama’s mother was in Kenya during that late-pregnancy visit, a disputed taped telephone conservation reveals Obama’s step-grandmother, Sarah Hussein Obama, claimed he was born in the coastal city of Mombasa… a claim critics challenge because the phone call was conducted through an interpreter – a native of Obamas’ Luo tribe who are fluent in the local Luo dialect, Swahili and English.
And now we have this decade-old booklet containing a biography detailing Barack Hussein Obama’s birthplace as KENYA!
This is HUGE!
If born in Kenya as the son of an American woman and a Kenyan father, Barack Hussein Obama would likely not have been considered a “natural born citizen” of OUR country, as the Constitution demands for presidential eligibility.
Ladies and gentlemen, unless those mysterious missing ‘authentic’ documents magically reappear to prove otherwise, we may very well have an illegal immigrant tyrant occupying the Oval Office, one whose power to manipulate the mainstream media and his followers must not be underestimated.

There is NO EXCUSE, NONE for the leftwing media trying to protect Barack Obama and his radical transformation of America into an undemocratic, unrecognizable, nation whose major media networks are enslaved to Obama's 'eco-friendly' talking points. 

We MUST make sure Sheriff Joe has every resource available to keep the Cold Posse Investigation going stronger than ever before for as long as it takes to without-a-doubt prove the incontrovertible, authentically documented circumstances surrounding the birth of Barack Hussein Obama.

That's why we're asking you to continue to support Sheriff Joe and his team of volunteers forming the Cold Case Posse by forwarding this e-mail and by making a contribution to this active investigation. Whatever you can afford - $10, $35, $60, $250 or more - will make a difference.

Your continuing support will help get the truth about Obama out once and for all.Only you have the power to demand the truth - that's why, right now, you need to tell everyone you know about the EVIDENCE against Barack Obama, because the mainstream media definitely won't.


For America,

Minuteman PAC
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