KEYES/BARNETT v OBAMA - 101 - MINUTES (IN CHAMBERS) ORDER Denying Plaintiffs' Amended Motion for Rec

Dr. Taitz filed another document with Judge Carter following his decision above.
It's a lengthy read which includes charges of perjury against Larry Sinclair and others.
One thing that surfaced shocked me. I knew Orly attended the Bob Schulz circus last month, but how is it a former immigration officer can simply call up files and down load a document on the spot at a gab fest that none of us can obtain under a Freedom of Information Act?
I know PIs use all kinds of data bases, but every FOIA I filed has been non responsive, no records exist; one still being processed. Same for others who filed the same FOIA requests as I did. But, this Mr. Samson simply pulls up Obama's immigration records and hands a copy to Orly? Ah, not quite; see bottom.
From Orly's site at link above:
"From 11.11.09. to 11.22.09. I had the honor to be a delegate at the Continental Congress 2009.  One of the guest speakers for the Continental Congress was a former Immigration officer and currently a private investigator in CO, Mr. John Samson. I have stated to Mr. Samson that I need to tie some loose ends and  I was wondering if as a former immigration officer, Mr. Samson would be privy to the information, that other investigators couldn't obtain.
"In my presence Mr. Samson used his password and logged into the Database “Intelligator’, and he printed out a document attached as an exhibit. It shows that Mr. Obama’s immigration records show one more birthdate: 08.01.61 and in the area of Ethnic origin it stated Equatorial Guinea. The rest of the information was the usual, showing Michelle Obama as the spouse and the rest of the information that we are used to see. This document provides significance in a number of areas:"....
I solemnly swear under penalty of perjury that all the facts stated and circumstances described above are true and correct statements. Further declarant saith naught.

/s/ Orly Taitz

Document described as immigration records above:

It is also in another format here, page 9:

The problem I have with this declaration supporting the back ground report pulled up by Samson is iron clad proof it is the Obama parked in the White House cannot be verified. It also states marital status is unknown; possible associate is Michelle Obama. The document does not state Michelle Obama is the spouse. It also does not look like any official immigration record for an individual that I have seen in the past.

Remember those files I linked in my column on this case ( -- I cited the hundreds of SSNs collected by Mr. Sankey on Orly's behalf.

If you look at the Obama file, there are so many listed, how are we to know the Obama identified in the report obtained by Samson is the right one? Look at the list:

I sure as heck wouldn't swear under penalty of perjury that it is the same person.

Attachment one is the outstanding FOIA - almost one year ago. I am mailing a letter on Monday to find out if they are going to respond or what. Same old.

Two and three are self explanatory. FOIAs to the State Department came back the same: no paper records that far back. Right. A few people asked me why I didn't sue like I did against the FAA (and won). Because, the filing fees were jacked up to $350.00 per case a couple of years ago. I had donations to cover the Flight 93/FAA lawsuit, but not for all these others.

Besides, I also came to the conclusion that most likely some of these files have been sanitized. Not a conspiracy theory, just the reality of the rot and corruption in Washington, DC and the politics of destruction for power. The destroyers will keep you chasing paper for a decade if they want.

I also came, perhaps a little late, to the position that the only issue is Obama's citizenship status at the time of his birth. Which, Obama has never denied, but in fact has ackowledged that he was born with dual citizenship. The most convoluted piece of propaganda on this was published on

That perveryor of fakery above tries to use acrobatics to convince people that Obama could be born with dual citizenship, but have his US citizenship as a natural born at birth restored by the Kenyan Constitution. Pathetic.

That is what makes this whole thing so extraordinary and bizarre. The criminal has confessed his crime and the courts, Congress, media and his blind followers all scream: It doesn't matter! Set him free!

And, we have one final bizarre episode to throw into the mix: "Barack saw his mother, who was very young and very single when she had him, and he saw her work hard to complete her education and try to raise he and his sister," Michelle Obama said." 

Now, did Militant Michelle mean Stanley (BO's mother) was not legally married to BO, Sr? Did she mean Stanley was separated from a legal marriage with BO, Sr? Is there a legal difference between being single and "very" single? What did BO tell MM (Militant Michelle) between the sheets?