January 30, 2013
Subject: Natural Buffers - Are They a Tempest in The Teapot or a Storm in a Glass of Water - Response to "Natural Buffers - Don't miss this!"

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Please find attached above a 81 page Adobe PDF presentation originally done in Microsoft PowerPoint which was developed over the last two plus months using 8 years of research and involvement in property rights. After reading the email response directly below I was driven to further educate myself about "buffers", e.g. where the concept of "buffers" came from along with any other independent credible material I could flush out.  I have also have been vicariously and personally living through the assault upon private and public property especially in Washington and Montana.   I found so much counter-intuitive green discovery which reinforced my decision to reach out and share this material with anyone who has an open mind.  I hope this presentation attached expands your awareness enough to at least question everything you have been told about buffers and share this with others so more people may take the green bull by the horns and wrestle it back into the slaughter house corral where it belongs.
Our land, water, and all life forms in heaven and earth have long been worshiped and deified by primitive and "modern" man to this day.  I would guess this started about when the medicine men and the witch doctors and then the church grew to power. Then more manipulation was gradually overlaid by the monarchies with self bestowed "divine rights" of the Kings and Priests.  Then the states and their environmental NGO's overlaid their self bestowed "sovereign rights" until the globalist called in their loans outflanking everyone.  
As well intended or not as all these wizards and magicians were, the gullible allowed themselves to be gathered into flocks and led down the path of self righteousness through mass hypnosis and hysteria over the millenniums. It was easy to do since few were educated back then. The Salem, Massachusetts Witch Trials come to mind.  Today it is equally easy to fool the masses for different reasons.  The educated are so politically and academically biased they cannot see the buffers from the big picture.  Furthermore,the academic cult loathe outside independent opinion which is contrary to their current faddish funded agenda.  This is understandable, as who wants to lose their job by debating the "truth" when you simply can cook the research, present the study to the corporate controlled media and environmentally passionate and draw up the worst conclusions for the quickest takings while receiving public funding at the same time, i.e. pump and dump.     
This presentation is a compilation from some 8 years of research as a property owner in Washington and  Montana for our further "awakening".  You are free to decide what are the facts and the truth herein which is more freedom than the local property and business owners are offered.  This is assuming you find enough definition in either of those words ("facts and truth") to have some meaning to justify taking property or a local business and throwing the human life forms and local business into the street while making the site a heritage area.
The attached presentation may be old news and new news for some of you and shocking news to others.  It is designed to shock those who refuse to think out of the box.  Speaking of which none have been more shocked than I over the last 8 years of research.  I was raised in a government family in Montana, my Father was a U.S. Forest Ranger and retired out as a Range and Wildlife Conservation Staffman on the Gallatin National Forest, Bozeman, Montana for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. However, my respect for government has totally changed over the last decade for many reasons since those youthful cherished memories of growing up on various Montana Ranger Stations.
Something has happen to cause our Free and Limited Republic to turn good people into fanatics who believe they are given the awareness, authority, power and agenda, good or bad, to destroy people's lives, property and local businesses.  Even if these good fanatical people are absolutely right in their belief system and their "science" regarding say "buffers", they could never get away with it in a True and Honest free limited Republic.  In a free Republic the rightful individual state Citizen is sovereign and free without exception. That is to say, the state and the church are not sovereign. I am not alone in this thinking. 
No one loves the mountains, rivers, lakes, sound and the ocean more than I do.  However, population density directly affects behavior in a very strange way, maybe not the way you  think. I did a study on this subject before retiring from The Boeing  Company in 2000.  In short we found the more distance between people at work, the more productive they become and conversely the tighter they are packed, the less productive. High density correlates to lower productivity, lower density correlates to higher productivity, i.e. people like their space.   
One can make an easy case it is much more efficient to create more buffers of physical space around people than around their environment.  People who are racked, packed and stacked like ants and bees in municipal corporations and political subdivisions especially around Puget Sound Washington and other high density city and county municipal corporations create more problems than for the want of green environmental buffers.  When you loosen up the population densities, the demand on and for buffers drops dramatically. This logic goes against the UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development swill and everything the UN and its hierarchy of global to local green planning associations stand for.  This leads into the presentation attached. 
In other words the rural areas are not the problems.  The problems are the high density municipal corporations and subdivisions which are locking up and taking massive sections of land and water directly and indirectly all over America and the world while they increase their density and dump their real and political propaganda waste into the mainstream, rivers, lakes, air and ocean.  This green extreme thinking is not unlike the disease gangrene where the body tissue becomes infected, killing the cells thereby leading to the death of the extremity and often the patient.  This condition spreads like a wild fire around the country where the municipal and subdivision planning units apply worse case high density scenarios across its control including the lowest density rural areas.  They do this while taking more and more of our public and private property using green buffer labeling and constantly fanning the green flames. Municipal madness is a hypocritical, highly aggressive systemic cancer and gangrene like ideology where the act of planning becomes a virus and bacteria devouring the patient all while the property and business owner is not sure why they are loosing the feeling and use of their limbs.
Thank you for your time and consideration of this presentation "Natural Buffers - Are They a Tempest in The Teapot or a Storm in a Glass of Water". 
Jack Venrick
Enumclaw, Washington
Rollins, Montana
"A man should look for what is, and not what he thinks should be."
Albert Einstein
"As Layman P'ang was dying, his friend, the Governor Yu Ti Yu, came to visit one last time.
P'ang put his head on his friend's knee and spoke his last words: "I beg you, see all phenomena as empty. 
Beware of thinking as real what is non-existent. 
Take care of yourself in this world of shadows and echoes."
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Friday, January 18, 2013

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Subject: RE: Natural Buffers - Don't miss this!


I needed to send this response in order to point out what appears to be some discrepancies in connecting the email below with conditions in the Hood Canal region, in which I believe you are making your point.

The USGS report is not new (2002) and was done on a very densely populated lake in Wisconsin.   

Just from this perspective I don’t think it is a reasonable comparison, but forwarding someone’s out-of-context interpretation of a science report to compare a phosphorus limited lake system to the nitrogen limited marine system of Hood Canal just doesn’t seem sensible.


The graphic defended, and pointed out in the email (‘figure 7’) compares in part, the dissolved phosphorus levels in an ‘unfertilized wooded’ site with a ‘regular-fertilizer lawn’ site.  The data shows the median concentration for the ‘wooded’ site was 1.99 mg/L.  The median for the ‘lawn’ site is .77 mg/L, although for reasons described in the text*, the ‘lawn’ calculation does not include ‘outliers’ of 1.9 and 2.7.

Keep in mind the point be trumpeted is a difference in the medians of just 1.2  mg/L … without the outliers.


This was a study about  the ‘run-off from lawns’, specifically investigating whether  ‘the phosphorus movement from lawns’ was a problem and whether “maintaining lush lawns may conflict with lake manager goals to minimize nutrient input”.

Here is some text taken from the report to illustrate this, and to show the limitations of the results.

“it was not within the scope of this study to measure runoff volumes from each of the sites and quantify the mass of nutrients transported offsite”.


“All of the nutrient load from lawn runoff may not actually reach or be deposited in the lake because of varying flowpaths, soil permeability, breaks in slope, vegetative buffers and other obstructions; however, in many cases, lawns extend and slope continuously to the water’s edge to provide a direct source of loading.”


“The annual phosphorus load from the nearshore area of the lake may be greater than the 430 pounds previously estimated.”


*”Many runoff samples (about 30 percent) overflowed the collecting bottle and may not be truly representative of the mean concentration form each storm.”


“The number of samples from some categories was relatively small for rigorous statistical analysis…”


I’m all about public education… especially when we’re all looking at, and discussing the issues and information relevant to the our backyards.

I would be careful to wave this around in support of dismissing shoreline ordinances.


For what it’s worth,  this sort of information dissemination really distracts from what you and I and everyone else is trying to do, which is to find a reasonable approach to interacting with the world around us so it continues to provide the things which provide for us.  




Dan Hannafious

Assistant Director

Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group


360-275-3575 office

360-275-2011 direct



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To: Susan Gulick; Susan Porto
Subject: Fwd: Natural Buffers - Don't miss this!



This seems rather important, given the perpetual attacks on private property rights of rural residents, based on their supposed negative human impacts.

Given the import of this information, and the fact that you and I do not always agree on what should be shared with the WRIA 16 group - I am making a direct distribution to all. Apologies to anyone who takes offense at the effort in public education.

Regards..........Ken Shock
Physicist and 29 year Brinnon resident, riverfront Dosewallips


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Subject: [capr-gov] Natural Buffers


Also at the Board of Governors meeting this evening we discussed buffers.  The attached is a USGS study that shows that natural vegetation contributes more unwanted nutrients to the water than developed yards with lawns.  In fact, in some cases 2 to 3 times more than when the land owner uses an "environmentally unfriendly" fertilizer.  Look at Figure 7 on page 4 and Table 3 on page 5.


The point is this... There is an unstated assumption that development is bad and natural is good.  Therefore, the environmentalists assume that "natural vegetation" is the ideal condition to have bordering water bodies and any developed land is therefore worse for the environment.  It's a fatal mistake on our part to concede this argument before any negotiation begins on buffers.  It simply isn't true and this study gives us proof.  ANYTHING alongside the water will have some effect and natural is not necessarily better.  Decaying vegetation produces larger quantities of nutrients than developed land.  Natural buffers are actually MORE harmful to water bodies than well cared-for and maintained developed property.


When presented with this evidence see how people respond.  If they reject it without question, that is proof they are not really pro-environment, but anti-development.  If someone is really concerned about protecting the environment, then they should welcome methods to achieve better results.  However, if their real goal is to damage property owners, they won't want to hear the truth.  Their reaction to this information will reveal their true motives.


The attached file is also available at the link below.  



Rick Forschler

President, King County Chapter

Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR)