Dear reporters,
You have been following our fight against the CAO and forming a new county.  How about printing unbiased documented proof of extortion and fraud by the DDES of King County?  You have my story, print it!  Want proof?  I can show it to you. Want other stories? I have lots of friends that share my pain.   I have stories of little old ladies 72 years old being threatened with huge fines for not spraying noxious weeds while the County ditch in front of her house goes to seed every year.  A blind man who can't even read the complaints regarding the civil penalties about to be placed on him.  A barn that can't be maintained because it is now in the new buffers. Three years for a permit for a sunroom? Here it is! A feeding frenzy for the truth seeking sharks you all claim to be!  Come get the chum! 
Lets see a nice investigative article on the billing strategies and lack of accountability used by the DDES.  I have attempted to live out here peacefully and all I get is grief from a corrupt system.  I am not a criminal, but treated like one, not crazy but may be soon. I love America, damn it, help us out here!
I  get monthly statements billed to me still, on a permit I paid for years ago.  I have statements that were billed to me accidently, instead of to someone else.  Double billing for the same day, same hour, same rate. Accidental overbilling with their notes attached admitting it. And I am only one guy! I'm a little angry now and was going to ask them nicely for my money,but I guess I will simply jump on one of the many lawsuits being started against them filed in other counties since the prosecuting attorneys we would have to use work for the County against us.  Imagine that. 
 Let me know if you are interested in a story like this, unless you really are biased reporters for the County.....Hmmm.  Remember, we the people buy your papers.  If you aren't careful you may lose your right to free speech and press, after we lose our 5th Amendment rights if we don't win our fight.
Stan Powers