Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Please write and call the Supreme Court, demand a decision from Chief Justice Roberts ASAP, today

As you know, my petition for stay in Lightfoot v Bowen is in front of Chief Justice Roberts. I Fed Exed it on Monday, Dec 22, and it was received and signed for on Dec 23rd. I was told by the clerk responsible for stays, Mr. Danny Bickle, that they couldn't find the package for A WEEK, even though it was signed for.
On the 29th it was given to Chief Justice Roberts. Typically decisions on stay are issued within a couple of days. It has been a week since Chief Justice Roberts officially received the package and 2 weeks since it was actually received by the Supreme Court, and there is no decision yet from Roberts. Maybe it is his strategy to simply sit on it indefinetely, trying to avoid showing to 320 million American citizens where does he really stand in regards to the Constitution of this country: is he willing to hear an oral argument in defense of the Constitution or is he willing to let it be torn apart.
Chief Justice Roberts owes us an answer and he owes it immediately, when a petition for an emergency stay is concerned. By sitting on it and refusing to issue a decision, he is de facto allowing one to be confirmed and inaugurated president of the country by fraud, he is allowing a mockery of the Constituion.