Sent:                               Tuesday, January 28, 2014 10:30 AM

To:                                   John Rogers

Subject:                          Poor NPR jouralism




This morning I heard part of a piece on NPR regarding the upcoming bills on immigration. The information they presented was deceptive and came from a biased source - the proponents of Senate bill S.744,  "Comprehensive" Immigration Reform. I doubt the reporter who did this piece has ever read any information from those who are skeptical or against S.744, like from, NumbersUSA or Center for Immigration Studies. For example she presented S.744 as a "comprehensive" solution without asking whether the bill is really "comprehensive" and what this word implies. She also mentioned the enforcement aspects of this bill which are just promises, not required for amnesty and unlikely to ever to implemented as long as Obama is president.


I fault NPR for poor investigative reporting, taking oine side's word as the "facts". This is a good example of "group think" and is also why NPR has the well-deserved  reputatoin for Liberal Democratic bias. If you do not read opposition news sourcess how do you know you are getting "the rest of the story"?


This is not the first time. Awhile back I wrote a letter to NPR on the same issue but never even got a reply. When someone's position is weak their best strategy is silence.





John Rogers