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    “Strong Arm Tactics”.

    I guess Ron Paul has found a way to over-ride the Strong Arm Tactics of the syndicated media and Rinos to exclude him from coverage in the Debates and in Press coverage.

    It has been very interesting watching the debates between four candidates where the cameras always give an angle shot only showing three.

    The intentional obfuscation of Ron Paul is and will continue to backfire on the PTB’s as more and more voters catch on to why the PTB’s are running scared. Mr. Paul has an impeccable record going back 25 years of lower taxes and following the Constitution. “The Peoples Choice”

    The three others are the same old same old, corporate governance of say whatever, do whatever to get in a position to utilize the population as a productivity resource to be drained and managed. Never has been a good thing nor will it ever be a good thing.

    Media management to create a void per Mr. Paul is and will be breached. The people are wising up and learning.

    Mr. Paul is “The Peoples Choice” and when it comes down to “Push Come to Shove” at election time the PTB will only have one option available to them: Rigging the electronic vote at election time. When done, they will have the biggest “back-fire” of “Game Over Time” of “Unintended Consequences” imaginable.

    Walter Burien –

    PS: Google: Ending Taxation

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