Hey John,
I just wanted to invite you to our second live broadcast presidential debate going on right now at  https://RTRRadio.com!
We teamed up with Free and Equal to bring you Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin and Independent candidate Ralph Nader who are both confirmed to attend. All six candidates with the possibility of attaining 270 electoral votes are invited to participate.
Some other great news I wanted to share with you  is that our networking site just cracked 6000 members today!  If you haven't joined then you need to plug in right away and begin meeting people just like you.  We've added a bunch of features to enhance your experience and ability to communicate and organize to restore our republic.  Please take advantage of the free tools we are giving you and lets make real change happen in this country!
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Enjoy the Debate!
Yours in Freedom,
Gary Franchi
National Director
Restore the Republic!
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