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From: Jack Venrick
To: ABCNewsRadio MainstreamMedia
Sent: Sunday, April 30, 2006 12:19 PM
Subject: Media Mushroom Farms

Dear ABC Radio News, Property Owners, My Government, Friends, and KTTH:
On April 29 at 2:00PM I was out  in the garage doing the annual maintenance on John Deere listening to KTTH out of Seattle, 770AM.
ABC (All But Conservative) 2 PM news came on.  I had to laugh and take note of the standard boring liberal line of bad oil companies taking too much profit, bad war in Iraq, Good Jimmy Carter speak, Good Hollyweird soap opera announcement in 2 minutes.
Never mind there is no balance in your news, did you ever think there is two sides to every story?
never mind it is more entertainment than reality,
never mind you do it all the time, 
never mind oil companies are free to make any amount of profit they can, its called capitalism, stockholders dividend, more jobs, ecetera, ecetera,
never mind that's what they are in business for despite your groups think who thinks they know how to spend someone else's profit better
never mind socialism and redistribution of wealth fails miserably
never mind profit allows companies to employ more people, sure they misspend and be corrupt but they have to pay for it.  Government does not pay.
never mind capitalism is not perfect but it sure beats socialism, communism, Marxism, globalism, liberalism, environmentalism, printing bull shit
never mind the government never made a buck it its life but it sure can print money fast
never mind government including cities and counties and the state can only over regulate and suppress growth, over reach, over enforce, over control
never mind  government can straggle good business, good people, good property owners to death.  Just ask any King County WA land owner
never mind these companies can use profit for more R&D toward making fossil fuel recovery cleaner and more efficient
never mind anybody on the government dole has less incentive to perform because their boss cannot go under from competition
never mind government only takes and it has to steal it
never mind government is the most inefficient and wasteful institution on earth when compared to  any private company
never mind government pays no price or goes out of business when it makes a mistake
never mind government is bulimic and never goes bankrupt or pays crippling taxes and staggers to government over regulation
never mind all the success stories in Iraq, e.g. the free elections, rebuilding its infrastructure and schools, freeing the women and children to become human beings, stopping the torture chambers and rape rooms and the genocide, planting an oak seed of freedom in a desert of tyranny, giving the contiguous desperate countries a model for other middle eastern oppressive societies, what gardens do not have weeds that have to be plucked out
never mind in the 4 years of war we have lost less men and women soldiers than in the one day on 9-11-2001at the hands of the Arab Extremists
never mind  Jimmy Carter was one of the worst Presidents this country had but he is definitely a do gooder
never mind Hollyweird is the most dysfunctional self aggrandizing, anti American, anti war, anti traditional marriage, radical environmental  zealots,  pro socialist elitists all the while they count their millions that freedom has given them
never mind that the media and government are ignoring the US Constitution
never mind the media panders to the anti God crowd, the homosexual lobby, the radical environmentalist
never mind if it bleeds it leads every day in your little shop of Media Soap box horror
never mind radio and TV are so over commercialized with Ads it's nauseous
never mind all the freedoms and liberties this country is loosing because of your debased political agenda in reporting the news
We are not in Kansas anymore and the days of Dan Blather are over thank God and we can smell spin and bias and lies and distortion and out of contest statements.  We know what is not said in your reporting. What you do not say is more important than what petty gipperish you do peddle. 
Its time for Americans to turn off their radios and TV and discontinue all newspapers and go to the internet to find the truth, read a book, a good journal, read the constitution and find out how the media and gibberish.  Talk to your neighbor and a rural land owner and find out what the hell is going on.
The mainstream media is in the dark selling manure to the mushroom group think colony.  This ignorance is destroying this great country.  When are  you people going to wake up?  Its all over for your type.  You cannot peddle the same old shit you have been doing for the last 100 years.  If you are not aware of this or don't believe it or think its a half truth go research the facts.  You can start at https://www.mediaresearch.org/.   There are many good books out on this written by those who used to work on your mushroom farms and got tired of breathing the stench.
America mainstream media is so sick they do not know they are sick.
Jack Venrick
A Fed Up Rural Property Owner
Enumclaw, Washington

"Everyone wishes to have truth on his side,
but not everyone wishes to be on the side
of truth."  Richard Whately