600 people turned out at the Thurston County CAO meeting and shouted the supporters down. That is powerful. We are getting the message out. Even if Thurston Co. passes a King Co version CAO, you know with that many people showing up how the public opinion really is.


If they cannot express themselves at Thurston County, they surely can with a statewide proprights initiative.




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Preston -


It makes me froth to listen to this shit.   What a staged sitting.  Pro environmental audience participation asking self serving questions to the environmental panel. 


Futurwise is encouraging Seattle to spend the necessary resources to make the people understand that they did not want the Oregon Initiative 37 in WA.  Talk about a rigged jury.  He is saying people will choose the takings over paying people for the takings.  It is unbelievable what the cities are buying into.  The facts will be spun like you will never believe as this WA initiative starts its campaign. 


That is why the mainstream media has become so distorted..and ultimately why they are failing, I believe.  I don't even watch mainstream media anymore.    I am careful what I read and listen too anymore.  Mainstream media is all about ratings and entertainment not so much about the facts.  Look at the time they spend on some of the these crazy protestors and show trials, etc.


I notice even conservative talk radio gives little to no time on property rights.  That is really amazing.  I see a new source of news rising within the web that is much more focus and fact oriented.  You can pretty much research whatever subject you want now by just googling it and getting both sides and making up your own mind.


Also, the migration of people to the cities has created a self feeding (sustaining) horde of people who are living of the public trough. 


 That is why the media is so distorted. Mainstream media and the publishing houses for the most part are product of the metropolitan areas.  In order to perpetuate themselves, they have to spin the truth a little more each year to sustain themselves.  As the cities and the UN and all the levels of government push this Sustaining Development BS, the monster gets bigger.  As the monster gets bigger it becomes harder to cover up and deny.   


The City of Seattle is full of tree huggers and green people.  They selective hire this kind and the thinking and hiring breeds on itself.  That is why in part, all the major cities have become developed this Kyoto, Sustaining Development radical thinking, I believe.


Check out Mayor Nickels website especially his pushing of other cities to join the Kyoto Protocol and go around Bush.  Click on the map and see the number of cities buying into this junk.   No matter what you think about Bush, he is right on with Kyoto.


This is all part of the UN Agenda 21 to go around Bush according the Tom DeWeese and www.americanpolicy.org and others.


It is truly amazing that this has gone on so long and evolved so far.  It is another testament how we have become so busy in our own lives we are not paying attention.  Not too mention the cover up by the media and the educational system and just about every other public agency and the environmental lobby.


Unbelievable...That is my favorite most used word anymore........I wouldn't believe all this unless I was right here in "River City" living it.





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Listen to the presentation minutes 55 to 59 to learn about what Aaron Ostrom (Futurewise director) is saying about what he calls the ‘taking initiative’ (Washington’s measure 37 clone).


They are clearly worried.


Click on the bar under the screen about forward until minute 55 displays.  Most of the rest of this presentation is just BS.




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Click on the link below to the City of Seattle Home Page and then click on "Urban Vitality Forum" to the right.  You will be asked to download RealPlayer if you do not have it to play the video session.  Its free for the Basic version.


This is a forum "Focusing on Smart Growth Principles" with the Urban Land Institute and Gregory, Broderick, Smith Real-estate.  Greg Smith is doing the moderating.  He introduces 3 people representing the Cascade Land Conservancy, Futurewise and Sierra Club and David Della Seattle City Council and Dwight Peltz (King County Council). 


This appears to be held on 7-27-05.  My RealPlayer clock says it 1 hour and 15 minutes long.


The Urban Land Institute site is  https://www.uli.org//AM/Template.cfm?Section=Home


They have a another link to their site via www.smartgrowth.net





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