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Subject: A New All Volunteer Constitional Government

Ron - thanks.  You always seem to do what I can only find time to think about doing.  The Seattle City numbers are at the same site, i.e.



I have another idea you may laugh at.  Its probably more of a beer subject.  We need a meeting place between you and me.

The theme is build a volunteer shadow constitutional government mirroring the original meaning of government.  Just as Steve Hammond will be our chosen and unelected rural shadow council member we can choose our own state areas/districts people and our own constitutional Senators and Representative for the state.

The existing government has abandoned US long ago.  It is time to build a new constitutional government of the people, by the people and for the people.  If it is meant to be, "they will come". 

The existing government is a house of cards and will fall when we sound the constitutional trumpets.  The existing political parties will beat down our doors when they see the spark of freedom reignite America's true latent spirit.  Just like CAPR has grown over this few years and has made a relative profound effect.  It is a mere baby and a seed planting of what "WE THE PEOPLE CAN DO".

You ask "where is the rage".   You show the  people "here is the freedom" and they will run to US and come back home again to our constitution.

What do you think.  I think we can bring in the Reagan Wing People and the property rights people and many of the groups on the Excel Property Rights Support Excel sheet. 

We can start slow and easy.  We have all the County Choice people who will more passionate after the initiative fails.  We can do this.  There is just too much to loose to not it and much to win to do it.  Evergreen Freedom Foundation would at least listen to US.

I know this sounds bazaar and ridiculous and impossible...But that is exactly why it will work.  Just like George Washington when he was backed on the finger peninsula in New York with the British army to the East and the British navy to the west.  He quietly took his troops across the narrow inlet and Divine Providence covered his exit with fog.

It is time to exit this corrupt dinosaur government of ours and create a new army of constitutional soldiers.  We are that rag tag group of shoeless soldiers of Washington army.  We are all starving from being deprived of freedom and liberty and our natural rights.  Congress has abandon US.  Many of the people have forgotten US.  This new government will be different and will take on a form that better mirrors the good people of the is country.

Let the old government and old party system dinosaurs implode on itself just like the old media. 


What do you think.........??????????????????  Call me after you read this.... 






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Do the numbers.  The total budget for King County is around $3.4 Billion.  The Employee portion of that exceeds $760,000,000.  There are approximately 1,700,000 people who live in King County, one third of which live in Seattle, with their own taxes and budgets.
$3,400,000,000 equals exactly $2,000 for every man, woman and child that live in King County.  The cost for just King County employees is $447 per man, woman and child.  I don't know what the Seattle budget is our how many employees they employ, but it isn't difficult to come to the conclusion that government is way out of control.  But then so are the people who demand all the services from government that government is so willing to provide, using our money.  The dignity of these hapless people have been bought and sold for a few pieces of "OUR" silver.
And you wonder why government is growing?  We have met the enemy and it is US.  And these hapless people mostly live in big urban centers like Ho Chi Min City of Seattle that the environmentalists want us to live in. 
I can only hope that one day, the HAVES will finally have had enough of supporting perfectly able HAVE NOTS and shut off the money spigot.
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Subject: All The Kings Horses and All The Kings Men


2006 year job positions in King County: (Selective Large Job Groups) 

  •  10 Dentists
  • 15 Code Enforcement, Code Surveillance, Code Reviser positions
  • 25 Commercial Appraisers
  • 36 Confidential Secretaries
  • 74 Construction related positions
  • 37 Cooks
  • 640 Corrections related positions
  • 26 County Executive Assistants
  • 27 Executive other assistants
  • 99 Custodians
  • 26 Dental Assistants
  • 25 Disease related positions
  • 55 Education related positions
  • 51 Election related positions 61 EMS instructors
  • 374 "Engineering" positions
  • 108 Environmental related positions
  • 29 Epidemiologist (contagious disease)
  • 189 Fiscal Specialists
  • 91 HE Investigators (Health Environment?)
  • 72 other Health related positions
  • 19 Health & Environment Investigators
  • 86 HR, 40 Identification Technicians
  • 90 Industrial Maintenance related positions
  • 36 Interpreters/Translators
  • 82 Jail nurses
  • Hundreds (uncountable) of computer related positions
  • 181 Legal positions
  • 56 Legislative aide type positions
  • 253 Mechanic related positions
  • 8 Microbiologists
  • 11 Noxious Weed types
  • 125 nurses, nutritionist, Occupational Ed types
  • 73 Paralegals
  • 18 Pharmacy types
  • 549 Project/Program Manager positions
  • 14 Property Agent related types
  • 11 Psychiatric Evaluation types
  • 15 Public Defense Interviewers
  • 113 Public Health Nurses
  • 22 Real Property Agents
  • 52 Recreation Program Assistants
  • 29 RN's
  • 82 Residential Appraisers
  • 45 Rideshare Info positions
  •   5 more RN's
  • 127 Security people
  • 199 Senior type positions
  •  14 Site Development Specialists
  •  74 Social Workers
  •  11 Physicians
  •  51 Superior Court Judges
  •  84 Supervisors & In Training Supervisors
  • 327 Temps
  • 3171 Transit related positions
  • 126 Truck Drivers
  • 171 Utility Workers
  •  22 Victim Advocates
  • 196 Wastewater and Water Quality employees
  • 141 WEX Participants - whatever that is? 

There are 15,124 King County employees sucking our life force from our land and savings.  Thanks to Louis Bloom who requested the data via a court decision on the county forcing them to produce this public information.  Louis has an interesting site & has done us all a service making this information more available. You can see the legal links below. 

Clicking on the above picture will take you to a page about the webmaster.
A freedom of information letter template is at
Washington State newspapers have detailed information about access to public records at
Here's information on
Washington State websites about counties, ports, school districts, cities, ect...
In Nov 2002, the
Wa St Court of Appeals, ruled that government employees names cannot be kept secret.
These webpages were uploaded for my amusement, but also for these
e-mail--- welcome
here's some e-mail
questions, comments, and my replies

You can see what happens when we do not limit government. 

Boeing has a great model for reducing headcount.  During my 30 years at Boeing I would watch wavea of budget cutting move through every 4 to 5 years cutting all the "empire building" and non performers who had snuck in over the last good business cycle. Boeing went from 112,000 in 1969 to around 37,000 in a couple  years and in even larger reductions that lasted longer lately.

No private sector business would come close to this level of fat as King County government, competition would eat them up.  You can see how big government consumes small property owners and businesses. 

You know their is a major problem in this state when an aerospace giant like Boeing leaves because it is mistreated as the rural land owners.  This is why corporate America is leaving America.  It is now the Government of America, of the Government, by the Government and for the Government.

Property owners, businesses and farmers who use to be the city government are now being preyed on by their government. Big government feeds on U.S.  They are larger, more wealthy, faster growing, more inflexible, more unresponsive to their citizens, more litigious to their property owners and citizens, more brutal than ever before and more shielded within their government fortress.

To break down "walls" Boeing threw their first level management out of their offices into the areas with their people.  They were forced to be closer to their own people.  To break "fortress building", Boeing also tore down most of the functional organizational and facility walls that separated each into isolated ivory towers.  They forced Engineering, QC, Manufacturing, Finance, etc. to work next to each other and to look at each other and find ways to solve their problems.

This needs to happen in King County government.  "Executive" Ron Sims and his minions needs to be thrown out of his ivory towers to live and work with the small property owners who they steal from.  All the council need to be thrown out into the areas where they serve without an office or staff.  They need  to roam among the people who they serve, over regulate and steal property from and learn from the people they serve.  

The radical environmental zealots need to come out to the rural areas and live and work and plow our fields and plant and get their hands and feet dirty and cut and their back sore. 

All the staff that serve these kings and queens in King County need to be cut down to the bare bones.  It should be back to basics.  Then the county must be retrained to respect and honor its property owners not to steal from and mistreat them. 

Legislation needs to be passed that prevents government and environmental groups from doing business or even talking to each other.  If government was a private business it would be brought up on antitrust and unfair competition and operating as monopolies.  They lock out competition, play favorites with radical environmental groups like WEC, take away private sector jobs, use gouging, price fixing, heavy handed penalties and litigate anything that does not serve their agenda. 

It is time for some major changes in our government. There is a war going on now on our borders, our language and our rights to show our Christian history in public and the taking of our land.  Zell Miller and U.S. property owner know who are creating these problems, they are "A National Party No More". 

  • Jack  Venrick
  • Fed Up Paying More For Less & Less Usage of MY LAND
  • Rural Property Owner
  • Enumclaw, WA





"No private property shall be taken or damaged for
public or private use without just compensation having
first been made.."
Article 1 Section 16, WA State Constitution
"...nor shall private property be taken for public use
without just compensation."
Amendment V, Bill of Rights, U.S. Constitution
".. nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property,
without due process of law;....."
Amendment XIV, The U.S. Constitution