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As a friend of Mountain States Legal Foundation (MSLF), you will be pleased to learn that MSLF won a unanimous and complete victory before the Colorado Supreme Court in defense of Colorado's Concealed Carry Act (CCA). The Colorado Supreme Court ruled yesterday that the University of Colorado (CU) may NOT regulate concealed handgun possession on campus. The complete opinion is here:

My press release on the ruling is here:

In December 2008, MSLF, on behalf of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC) and three of its Colorado members, sued CU asserting that CU has no right to bar concealed handgun possession on campus because, when the General Assembly passed the CCA in 2003, it divested CU of any such authority. The Colorado state district court in El Paso County, however, dismissed MSLF's lawsuit on CU's motion. In April 2010, the Colorado Court of Appeals reversed that ruling and reinstated MSLF's lawsuit. CU appealed to the Colorado Supreme Court. In June 2011, the case was argued before the Colorado Supreme Court. In yesterday's opinion, the Colorado Supreme Court held, "[T]he CCA's comprehensive statewide purpose, broad language, and narrow exclusions show that the General Assembly intended to divest the [CU] Board of Regents of its authority to regulate concealed handgun possession on campus."

Technically, the Colorado Supreme Court simply reinstated MSLF's lawsuit, which now returns to the Colorado state district court in El Paso County; however, because CU has no other legal argument to support its ban on concealed handgun possession on campus, a MSLF victory is assured.

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William Perry Pendley, Esq.
President and Chief Operating Officer
Mountain States Legal Foundation

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