Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

  We were introduced to each other through the courtesy of Arthur Bienenstock, President of the American Physical Society, as a result of our indignation about the treatment of Christopher Monckton. We have demonstrated through our actions that we are passionate about honest scientific debate with regard to climate issues, free of political machinations. Some of us are quite notable in the field of climate science while others of us are not. However, I believe we are united in our wish to see public policy based upon fact rather than a fraud. I am deeply disturbed to see how science has been prostituted by environmental activists, Luddites, politicians, and profiteers. If we are all of the same mind, how shall we proceed?

  I propose we first introduce ourselves (some of us require little introduction) and see what sorts of talents and abilities we may be able to provide to our common effort. I am Roy Tucker, an electro-optical instrumentation engineer currently working at the University of Arizona's Imaging Technology Laboratory where we make sensitive CCD imaging devices for scientific research, principally for astronomical applications. I have a BS in physics, an MS in Scientific Instrumentation, and was for three years a graduate student in Planetary Sciences. My preferred field of endeavour is solar system astronomy and I have discovered hundreds of asteroids. I have followed the climate change debate for ten years and I am convinced that the earth's climate is principally influenced by solar activity and the galactic cosmic ray environment.

  As a result of my interest in asteroids, I am acquainted with the Minor Planet Mailing List, an email list that was originally intended as a means for amateur astronomers to communicate with each other. However, in short order asteroid professionals discovered it and it became a more generalized forum for communications among the worldwide community of asteroid observers, amateur and professional. As an example, it is very common for radar observers at Arecibo to announce that they have scheduled some near-earth asteroid for observation and request optical astrometry just before the scheduled time to facilitate pointing their radar dishes accurately on target. Amateurs and professionals will respond with the needed observations. This mailing list also serves as a conduit of debate and information of interest to the asteroid community. Although some climate related blogs provide for reader comments, I wonder if a similar email forum would be useful for climate discussion, carefully moderated to eliminate ad hominem attacks, promote honest scientific debate, and provide for dissemination of reliable information? Benny Pieser's CCNet has been helpful in the global warming debate but a more specific forum is needed.

  A large number of peer-reviewed publications now exist that contradict the standard model of CO2-induced anthropogenic global warming. It is time to become active in the political debate in a more organized manner. The pro-AGW forces are way ahead of us in this regard. There is no 'consensus' but there is a tremendous political momentum that must be overcome to avoid needlessly wasting enormous sums of money and inflicting great suffering upon impoverished people. Senator Imhofe, as an example, has done great work to impede the AGW forces but we need to add many more voices to the political discussion. It is necessary to identify and recruit educators, journalists, attorneys, and other influential people to counter the forces of AGW alarmism. There needs to be some umbrella organization in a manner similar to the National Rifle Association to coordinate efforts and avoid duplication.

  Perhaps the things I describe already exist and I am simply ignorant of them. If so, please inform me of them and excuse my ramblings.

  Thank you very much for your attention.

                          Best regards,
                            - Roy Tucker