Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 2:08 PM
Subject: KC Council Meeting in Shoreline Addendum

Edwina and All:
This is pretty insane alright regarding the global warming meeting at Shoreline.  The government needs to get out of this green pandering parroting.  I am not sure what to do here.  There is no common sense on King County Council they are so far to the extreme left.
Short of your idea of handing out brochures to counter this government green indoctrination I think we need to brain storm other options.  Global warming is bunk on one side (the right) and fact on the other (the left ) and controversial in the middle for those who are confused and can't decide. 
Anyone that tries to use this green theme for political agenda like King County seems to be legally vulnerable.  I wonder if there has been any trial case against the government using the global warming myth establish policy on tax payer money?
The more I think about this your idea in spades is the quickest and cheapest fix.  For it too work we would have to rally a large number of us at each one of these meeting before the camera to tie them in knots telling them how ridiculous this idea is.  However that is what we did with the CAO and it did not work and that was on closed circuit TV .  However all we can do is embarrass and shame them in public before the camera unless someone else has better ideas.
There should be legislation stopping the government from using controversial  issues to push their agenda and that includes not only global warming but sustaining development, smart growth, "best available science", etc.  These are all self created to pump up more big green government muscle against U.S.
We need to network all the groups in Washington especially here in the Puget Sound to work together on these problems one at a time. 
Any other thoughts?
Jack Venrick
Enumclaw, WA  
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Sent: Saturday, July 08, 2006 12:12 PM
Subject: [proprights] KC Council Meeting in Shoreline


  The following is a letter I just received from KC Council about a meeting on global warming.  It will be televised, of course, and we should give testimony about this sham for the benefit of the people who attend as well as the viewers on cable TV.  Maybe we can even give out flyers with websites and information.  Of course, the Council already knows what legislation they will be voting upon us.  I can only get this out to the limited number of people on the proprights chat line.  Maybe some of you know of some other interested parties.

Edwina Johnston
[King County Letterhead]

Dear Ms Johnston:

The Metropolitan King County Council is coming to Shoreline.  We invite you to join the full Council on July 24 for a Town Hall Meeting exploring climate change in the Pacific Northwest and local efforts to address the problem.  Following the presentaion, the Council will be briefed, and may act, on legislation relating to carbon emissions. 

The Council is a regional government committed to engaging King County residents in their local communities.  Throughout the year, the Council holds local Town Hall Meetings on issues of public importance.  Community members have the opportunity to meet Councilmembers, be briefed by local and regional experts, and to provide pulic testimony at the conclusion of the meeting.

Please join us for our next town hall:

                               Monday, July 24, 2006
                               Shoreline Conference Center
                               Shoreline Room
                               18560 - 1st Avenue NE, Shoreline

                               9:30 a.m. -- Reception
                               10:00 a.m. -- Town Hall Meeting

We look forward to seeing you there!


Larry Gossett, Chair, Committee of the Whole
Bob Ferguson, Councilmember, District 1
Larry Phillps, Chair, King County Council

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