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News organizations have decided the global warming debate
is fact and any dissenting arguments are ignored, squashed,
or ridiculed.

We aren't to ask questions, and we certainly aren't to read a book
that could expose the grand ruse being perpetrated on the American people.

Instead, we are to remain silent while reams of misinformation
continue to mislead the masses, while climate alarmists lobby
for global warming policies that will damage our economy.

Well, no more!

John, "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming
and Environmentalism" is the one book that every American should
read about the global warming scam.  Click here for more:

++ Turn a cold shoulder to global warming

In fact, throughout his fascinating resource, author Chistopher
C. Horner, an acknowledged expert on global warming legislation
and regulation, who has spoken before Congress and the European
Parliament, debunks virtually every argument with truth, humor
and an unquestioned concern for accuracy--something Al Gore and
the media have ignored. In addition, research by the MRC's own
Business & Media Institute is prominently featured in the book
(see pages 182 and 183).

John, that's why the Media Research Center feels so strongly
about this effort. This book reveals the media's hand-in-hand
relationship with the science establishment promoting their
fallacies as truth with what promises to have a devastating
impact if unchallenged!

John, as a member of our team, I want you to have a copy
of this shocking book when you help the MRC with a tax-deductible
gift of just $30 or more. To learn more, click here:

++The REAL truth about Global Warming

           Did you know that the Earth has often been hotter
           than it is now?

           The media has only recently abandoned the "global
           cooling" scare.

           The South Pole is getting colder.

           There is no scientific consensus on global warming.

John, given these truths, we cannot allow the media to
instill fear into the hearts and minds of Americans.

This incredibly timely resource really should be a primer to ALL
of our team members, because it shines a white-hot light into
the unholy alliance between the global warming scaremongers.

Click here for more:

Again, for a tax-deductible gift of just $30 to help the MRC
continue to lead the charge in exposing liberal media bias, as
it relates to the global warming scam and so much more, you will
receive "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and
the Environment" as a token of our appreciation!

Click here to get your copy today:

Thank you so much for standing with Grassfire and the MRC!


P.S. This is the perfect way to counter the liberal media lies
that are threatening our nation and our way of life. Please
click on the link below and help the MRC:

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