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Dear All - My friend Viv Forbes is, like myself, a scientist who practices scientific method as opposed to quasi religious belief systems touted as science. We would do well to return government policy to a sound scientific basis, before we squander our future prospects with vastly wasteful policies - doomed to failure..........Ken Shock, Brinnon, Washington

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Subject: Global Warming faces a Cold Shower in New York.

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Global warming to take a cold shower in New York next week.

25 Feb 2008



The Carbon Sense Coalition ("Carbon Sense") based in Australia is supporting an International Conference on the Science of Global Warming in New York next week (2-4th March 2008).


This conference, sponsored by The Heartland Institute of Chicago, is co-sponsored by 19 other organisations all over the world including the Carbon Sense Coalition.


The Conference will feature internationally recognised speakers from Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada and Europe. Carbon Sense has registered 10 delegates from Australia and New Zealand and several other individual delegates and scientists from Australia and New Zealand will attend.


For more information on the Conference see:  


The chairman Carbon Sense, Mr Viv Forbes, said that this conference would highlight the fact that a large number of eminently qualified scientists all over the world are rejecting the IPCC proposition that human emissions of carbon dioxide have caused or will cause dangerous global warming.


"We compliment Professor Garnaut for acknowledging that the science is not settled and for seeing value in expanding the global scientific effort beyond the IPCC. We urge Professor Garnaut, and Ministers Wong and Garret to attend the New York conference to see the powerful new scientific arguments and evidence that have emerged since the now outdated work supporting latest IPCC reports."


According to Forbes, "Global warming hysteria will take a cold shower in New York next week".


A copy of the submission by Carbon Sense to the Garnaut Review can be found at: 


 "There is definitely no "consensus" on man-made global warming even if this were relevant to determining a question of science. In fact, far more scientists have openly rejected the IPCC propositions than are publicly supporting it."


"The Carbon Sense Coalition, supported by the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition and other groups and individuals in Australia and New Zealand, recently called on the governments of Australia and New Zealand to set up an Australia New Zealand Royal Commission on the Science of Global Warming (to be known as "The ANZIG Royal Commission" the Australia New Zealand Inquiry into Global Warming). We strongly believe that establishment of this enquiry should be a recommendation of the Garnaut Review."


The submission by the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition to the New Zealand Parliament in 2006, calling for a Royal Commission can be found at:


"The interim report released recently by Professor Garnaut makes it more urgent that this independent scientific enquiry should take place."


"Garnaut's proposal that Australia should target a 90% cut in carbon emissions by 2050 is so extreme that Australians need to take notice what destruction is being proposed in such a cavalier fashion. At one stroke, he could destroy the value of the huge public assets in coal fired power stations, as well as causing a dramatic fall in food production, power shortages and the migration to Asia of much of Australia's cement, steel, processing and manufacturing industries."


"These people have already brainwashed our children into a state of fear about the future, now Garnaut will guarantee them lives of shortages and poverty. Without coal and oil the world could not maintain the world population, or produce and transport its food."


"Coal fuelled the British Industrial Revolution, and coal-fired electricity cleaned the air of last century's polluted cities in Europe and America. Coal is still the most reliable and economical source of energy for modern life and is now offering its magic to Asia."


"There is loose talk about how we can simply replace coal by non-carbon sources such as uranium, hydro, wind, solar, bio-energy or hydrogen.


"Of these, only nuclear power has the proven capacity to replace coal, but to do so would require more time, more capital, less political hurdles and cheaper supplies of uranium than are in prospect. There is almost zero prospect that Australia could virtually replace its total carbon based generating capacity with nuclear by 2050."


"Hydro is a good reliable source of energy, but all the best sites are taken or sterilised by World Heritage disease."


"Gas can generate significant power, but it is enormously wasteful to use gas for base load power. Gas should be used for peak power, for standby power for solar or wind energy toys, for transport fuel to reduce our dependence on unstable Arab supplies and as a chemical feedstock. It is too valuable to be wasted on base load power generation."

"Hydrogen does not occur naturally, and is thus not a source of energy it can be used to store and transport energy if the considerable engineering and economic hurdles are overcome."


"Nowhere in the world is wind or solar energy contributing significant base load energy for the simple reason that it is impossible. Neither can supply energy continuously and both supply ZERO power for significant parts of their operating cycle. Both must be supplemented by conventional power sources (such as gas or hydro) ready to start up instantly the wind drops or a cloud passes in front of the sun. Such backup power needs to be the same capacity as the solar/wind facility, thus doubling total generating capacity and making this option an expensive, unstable and wasteful exercise.


"Wind power is useful for pumping water to storage ponds for other use, and solar is useful for heating and storing domestic hot water. Beyond these applications, they will never survive without costly subsidies or mandated shares. No one runs a big city or a steel works solely on solar or wind."


"The only efficient way to harvest the sun's energy is to use plants such as grass, trees and algae. However, "Biofuel" is a costly con which does more harm than good to energy supplies, energy costs and the environment."



Authorised by:


Viv Forbes, BScApp, FAusIMM, FSIA


The Carbon Sense Coalition

MS 23

Rosewood Qld

0754 640 533



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