To:     NARLO Members, Rural landowners, Government Types, Interested Parties, the News Media and to Jay Manning, Director of the Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE).
From: Ron Ewart, President, National Association of Rural Landowners
FOR:  All recipients, but especially those in Washington and Oregon

In my chosen profession, upon occasion we would use the services of a real estate appraiser to determine the value of a piece of property.  The greater trained, professional appraisers had a designation of MAI after their name.  I forgot what the MAI stood for, but the joke on our side of the profession was that it stood for "MADE AS INSTRUCTED".   If there was a Purchase and Sale agreement that existed on the property at the time the appraisal was being conducted, it was amazing how close the appraisal came to the sales price shown on the Purchase and Sale Agreement, thus the moniker, "MADE AS INSTRUCTED".
Well that is exactly what we have in the world of environmentalists and environmental studies, like global warming.  I give the parameters or the results of what I want to see in the study to the researchers and amazingly the study substantiates my parameters and the desired results.  And they call it "Best Available Science", but in reality, it makes a mockery of real science.
A recent heading of an article in a Washington State Newspaper went like this:
So we checked out the study on how climate change was going to affect the Evergreen State and we found it was the usual fare of "warming" is going to cause the sea level to rise.  The snow pack will be less so hydro-electric power, fresh water for cities and agriculture could be severely impacted.  Our forests will dry up, wild animals will die and Oh, let's not forget that we are going to have "EXTREME WEATHER".  You can see and read the study at
Jay Manning, Director
Washington State
Department of Ecology
Now this study was requested by Jay Manning, the Director of the Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE).  And who did he pick to do the study but none other than the Climate Leadership Initiative (CLI).  Here is CLI's mission statement from their website: note the affiliation with the University of Oregon, a bastion of radical environmentalism and environmentalists.)
CLI MISSION STATEMENT: "The Climate Leadership Initiative (CLI) is an educational, research, and technical assistance consortium aimed at increasing public understanding of the risks and opportunities posed by global warming and enhancing climate protection policy and program development."
".....enhancing climate protection policy and program development."  MADE-AS-INSTRUCTED.  The "FIX"  is in.
We dug a little deeper and we found that CLI was also affiliated with, yep, you guessed it, "The  Institute for A Sustainable Environment", another environmental group, also affiliated with the University of Oregon.  So we went to their website: and what did we find, a covey of radical environmentalists and sustainable development planners.  The term "Sustainable Development" came right out of the United Nations Rio Summit on international social and environmental concerns, that ultimately resulted in Agenda 21.  You can learn anything you ever wanted to know about this UN-sponsored, socialist doctrine at: 
Agenda 21 has infiltrated every level of government land use and social planning, in every corner of America, including our liberal colleges and it was never ratified as a treaty.  Government and academia put their stamp-of-approval on it and your vote doesn't count.  The whole agenda is unconstitutional on its face, but they don't care.
So Washington State's Department of Ecology (DOE) retains a research and study group (CLI) to study the effects of global warming on Washington State, a study group that receives federal dollars and large grants to "study" global warming.  A study group that has made up its mind that man-caused global warming is an absolute fact and authors a study with that bias permeating every page.   "Good Lord, the sky is falling and humans perpetrated the dastardly deed", they say.  "We've got to act now!  This is an emergency so we must pass some more laws to protect us from global warming!"  Poppy cock!
Is there much debate over whether the Earth is warming a little?  No!  But there is a great deal of debate on what is causing the warming.  The radical environmental alarmists would have you believe that the emissions (CO2) from those evil petro-chemical machines, designed and operated by "man", are the root cause.  But there are many studies that show the Sun is heating us up and that global warming is not being caused by man-made CO2 at all.  None of their computer models take into account that one blast from an exploding volcano can send their models off the scale, in the other direction.  You can't predict a volcanic eruption and that is one of the variables in their equations they can't program into their computer models, even though a major eruption tends to occur every 100 years or so.  The energy output of the Sun is also a variable that is too wide to program into their models with any degree of accuracy.  So their computer models are what we call WAGS.  Wild Ass Guesses.  And Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth" is in reality "A Convenient Lie" to propagandize a falsehood.  See John Stossel's article "A Convenient Lie" at:
Remember after the Katrina Hurricane in New Orleans, that was supposedly caused by global warming, the so-called weather scientists predicted that 2006 would be even worse for hurricanes than 2005.  The record exposed that prediction as grossly false.  What makes you think that the global-warming alarmist's computer models are any more accurate than a daily weather report that is only good for about two hours?  Why do you suppose we get a weather report every day?  How can a 100-year forecast of a computer model for global warming, with more variables than the weather, be any more accurate than a daily weather report?  It is ludicrous!  Here's how it works:
You have V1+V2+V3+V4+V5+V6+V7+V8+V9+V10 and you plug all these variables into a computer.  What do you get?  There are so many variables that the environmentalists tweak it to get "Made-As-Instructed Global Warming" = "More grant money from government to study global warming".  "V" is equal to a "variable" that can vary from "here" to "there".  Change the variable and the answer changes.  Change several variables and the answers dance all over the place.  Any credible scientists or mathematician knows that the more variables there are in the "model" (equations) the less accurate the answer, or prediction.  It is was scientists call a "dynamic" system and dynamic systems are very hard to predict because there are so many variables.
In any event, the outcome of all this "crock of rotting fecal matter" is that DOE is now going to promulgate new laws and ordinances under the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) to take the government and the "people" down the road to global warming oblivion, NO MATTER WHAT IT COSTS in dollars and lost freedoms, based on nothing more than a "weather report" that is only good for two hours, or at best, a few days.  Remember, just 20 years ago the computer models of these same alarmists, were forecasting global cooling.
So is this DOE/CLI global warming study "MADE AS INSTRUCTED", or is it a case of the "FOX GUARDING THE HENHOUSE"?  Or perhaps what it really is, is "THE INMATES ARE IN CONTROL OF THE ASYLUM".
We have been taken over by a bunch of lily-livered, wet-behind-the-ears, snotty nosed, over-educated, slimy bunch of brainwashed college kids that wouldn't recognize a "CS" (common sense) if it was staring them in the face.  All they know is that there is money to be made (our tax money) studying global warming and other environmental insanity.  And they took us over without a shot being fired, while all we do is walk around with a blindfold pulled over our heads.  When will the blindfolds come off?
If you want to get a different perspective on global warming, read the attached Guest Editorial that appeared in the Seattle Times on December 21, 2005, written by me.  Perhaps armed with a layman's common sense and broader view, you won't be so quick to jump on the global warming bandwagon.
We spend a great deal of our time and our resources researching and exposing this "stuff".  NARLO sure could use your help.  How about it?
Ron Ewart, President
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