There is no evidence either from ethnographic
accounts or archaeological excavations to suggest
that rates of accidental trauma or interpersonal
violence declined substantially with the adoption
of more civilized forms of political organization.
In fact, some evidence from archaeological sites
and from historical sources suggests the opposite.
Mark Nathan Cohen
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From: Ken Shock
Sent: Monday, May 05, 2008 3:26 AM
Subject: Re: Eye Of The Hurricane

To: Douglas L. Jones , Chairman of the Board
Colorado State University - Board of Governors ( )
Dear Doug

I am sorry to bother a busy guy like yourself with something which may not be of great concern to your Board. There are many of us around the World, however, who consider Dr Gray to be a hero for standing up against the mad lemming like hysteria being created by the media - and some not very thorough 'Warming' scientists. These sorts of hysteria have historically been propelled by an irresponsible press, and have come to naught in every case - over the last 110 years:

We are at a critical juncture, where our Earth is actually cooling and the current sunspot cycle is running way behind schedule. The press and the backers of Al Gore are driving policy in exactly the wrong direction. The CO2 in the atmosphere helps enhance food production, which is/will be falling as the Earth cools. Advocacy of severe restriction to carbon emission comes at a time when the global economy is already struggling, and food shortages have already appeared. Taking the wrong action now will contribute to the death of many people.

While the UN may have intended the 'warming' carbon taxes as a wealth transfer to poor nations, it will be the poor in the West and globally who will be, and are being hurt. Forced out of their cars, jobs and affordable foods - many will drop into poverty, or just plain die. That the UN was behind this hysteria is demonstrable:
(there are over 50 pages of documentation in this thead)

Dr Gray has many followers, and he is highly respected in all corners of the World. I am writing to you from Australia, where the attached article is being circulated widely, as it has been in the US, and elsewhere. Failure to support Dr Gray and his work may entitle your institution to some near term grant money - $Billions are being squandered on 'warming' research right now. Longer term, however, there will be a backlash and I would predict that your institution could end up being viewed unfavorably by potential benefactors. Freedom of academic expression counts very highly among the successful in business, and is a prime consideration when judging an institution!

Please act to remedy whatever factors have led to the attached news story regarding your institution's treatment of Dr Gray and his work. I respectfully request that this communication be forwarded on to the other 12 members of your Board of Governors and to :
Dr. Larry Edward Penley
Chancellor, Colorado State University System
President, Colorado State University

Kind Regards,

Ken Shock, Physicist
Cabarita Beach, NSW

cc: Loretta P. Martinez, General Counsel - Colorado State University
Dr William Gray, Senior Research Scientist - Colorado State University


Eye Of The Hurricane

By INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Thursday, May 01, 2008 4:20 PM PT

Climate Change: Colorado State University says it'll no longer promote the work of Dr. William Gray. Is it really a cost-cutting move or are CSU and eco-fascists trying to silence the godfather of hurricane forecasting?

Read More: Global Warming

The university says its decision is based solely on the burdens of keeping up with media requests and inquiries about Gray's work that overwhelm a lone media staffer.

It says the decision has nothing to do with the fact that Gray, professor emeritus of CSU's atmospheric department, has been an effective voice offering inconvenient truths debunking Al Gore's climate disaster theories.

If these requests are too burdensome, we'd suggest CSU divert some funds from Frisbee 101, or whatever passes for higher learning these days, and hire another media staffer. We don't buy the excuse that inquiries relating to Gray detract from the promotion of others' work. The man is America's most reliable hurricane forecaster. If anyone's work should be promoted, it should be his.

In a memo to colleagues after CSU officials informed him that media relations would no longer promote his forecasts after 2008, Gray wrote: "This is a flimsy excuse and seems to me to be a cover for the department's capitulation to the desires of some who want to rein in my global-warming criticisms."

And critical he has been. At last year's National Hurricane Conference in New Orleans, Gray called Gore a "gross alarmist." "He's one of those guys that preaches end-of-the-world type of things," Gray told AP. "I think he's doing a great disservice, and he doesn't know what he's talking about."

Gray says fluctuations in hurricane intensity and frequency, exhibit A in Gore's inquisition, have nothing to do with carbon dioxide levels or human activity, but with natural variations in ocean currents. He points out that 101 hurricanes occurred from 1900 to 1949, in a period of cooler global temperatures, compared with 83 from 1957 to 2006, when the earth warmed.

Regarding moves to establish a climate change curriculum in public schools, Gray said: "We're brainwashing our children. They're going to the Gore movie and being fed all this. It's ridiculous."

More recently at the University of North Carolina, Gray told meteorology students, "The human impact on the atmosphere is simply too small to have a major impact on global temperatures."

"It bothers me that my fellow scientists are not speaking out against something they know is wrong," Gray once said. "But they also know that they'd never get any grants if they spoke out."

An increasing number are speaking out, inspired by Gray's courage. Gore and his ilk complain about government censorship of their views. But their opponents are the ones being silenced.