Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2008 9:54 AM
Subject: Dr. Willie Soon on the Glenn Beck Show

GOOD NEIGHBOR FORUM (GNF)                       
Little America Hotel - Cheyenne, Wyoming        Register
March 15, 2008 - 9:00 am - 4:00 pm       

Dr. Willie Soon -GNF keynote speaker on Glenn Beck Show- March 2008 
Dr. Soon will address "Global Warming 101   Al Gore CO2 Theory".  Do you think there's a connection between the Polar bear and your gas prices?  Dr. Soon and his colleagues at the Smithsonian-Havard Institute (Boston) have invited Mr. Al Gore to debate on many occasions. Mr. Gore has declined.  Wonder why?
Glenn Beck interview with Dr. Willie Soon and Bob Carter - /week of March 3rd- `08
Glenn Beck interview with Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus - /week of March 3rd-`08

Good Neighbor Forum is proud to announce Mr. Lyle Laverty,
US Department of the Interior's Assistant Secretary for
Fish and Wildlife and Parks.

Mr. Lawrence Kogan, Esq. - N.J.
How do Precautionary Principles impact your food supply and safety?

Dr. Corey Ciochhetti - CO
What are the Ethics and Essence of being a Good Neighbor?

Mr. Jim Beers - VA
What do endangered species have to do with your water?

Harriet Hageman, Esq. - WY
Is the Spotted Owl connected to pine beetle and fire?

Pre-registered $40.00 - Members $35.00 - At the door $45.00

Includes lunch of $15.00

Students and Media with I.D., and children under 13 admitted for the price of $15.00 lunch only.

Call 970-284-6874 or register online at: