From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, President, Alliance


Dear John,

Al Gore and the Climate Alarmists continue steamrolling
ahead-their mega-million dollar global warming "fear"
campaign is playing out in theatres across the nation--
brainwashing millions into believing his hoax.

That's why our petition is so important, and why I need your
help--especially in these next 30 days.

John, you and I are the voice of reason. We are the
tiny voice that needs to resonate across the land and wake
up a nation that seems oblivious to the climate hysteria
and hoax that is being perpetrated on them.

We cannot allow the media to give Gore and his Climate
Alarmists a free pass--shutting out opposition and legitimate
dialogue that would expose claims that we are in a peril,
and must rely on the government to rescue us!

++30 Days to make an Impact

        John since launching our national petition,
        we've already surpassed 100,000 signers with hundreds
        more adding their names every day!

        This is an amazing start, but we literally have about 30 days
        to impact this issue and breathe sense and sensibility into
        the global warming debate before we are staring down a
        massive $1.2 trillion Carbon tax.

        I'm calling on everyone on our team who has already
        signed our petition to help me reach another 100,000
        signers before the Carbon tax debate kicks off in 30 days!

When I take these petitions to key leaders in Washington,
I believe I can open some eyes and demonstrate that not all
Americans are buying into the radical alarmist agenda that f
rankly is threatening to cripple our economy and steal away
more of our freedom.

        Forward this message to 25-35 friends urging them to
        take immediate action with you by signing our petition
        opposing this radical Al Gore-led climate agenda and
        the proposed Carbon Tax by clicking here:

I've seen amazing things from our team when they are called on, and
this is an opportunity that demands real commitment on your part if
we are to short-circuit this radical agenda with the truth--truth
that is currently being squelched by the media.

Thank you for taking fast action with me.


P.S: Knowledge equals wisdom, and I'm asking members of our team
to visit our companion site, for resources,
backgrounders and the truth about the alarmist agenda.

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