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Here is a bit of 'discussion' from another 'forum', just in case you think I am the only anti green skinhead.....:-)    ken

Al Hogue > wrote:
Tell your brother to link to the History Channel's "Little Ice Age" ... a great show...on the last time the earth cooled a couple degrees.
So, basically, nothing people do matters - temps drop, temps go up - thats what non-political scientists have been saying forever.

Fuck the liberal dickcheese bastards - scaremongering and telling everyone that the government has to step in, confiscate and redistribute their wealth because Al Gore says so...thats pretty much the left's solution to everything...
Here's the intro...
 Not so long ago, civilization learned that it was no match for just a few degrees drop in temperature. Scientists call it the Little Ice Age--but its impact was anything but small. From 1300 to 1850, a period of cataclysmic cold caused havoc. It froze Viking colonists in Greenland, accelerated the Black Death in Europe, decimated the Spanish Armada, and helped trigger the French Revolution. The Little Ice Age reshaped the world in ways that now seem the stuff of fantasy--New York Harbor froze and people walked from Manhattan to Staten Island, Eskimos sailed kayaks as far south as Scotland, and two feet of snow fell on New England in June and July during "the Year Without a Summer". Could another catastrophic cold snap strike in the 21st century? Leading climatologists offer the latest theories, and scholars and historians recreate the history that could be a glimpse of things to come. Face the cold, hard truth of the past--an era that may be a window to our future.
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the email below was written by my brother in response to a lambasting he received from yet another blathering idiot on the Left who blindly worships @ Al Gore's Church of Global Warming. We need more thoughtful & intelligent people like Chris Z to battle the forces on the Left who spew the garbage they spew....

Nick Z

p.s. Oh, and one more thing - fuck Al Gore. He's such a monumental prick of a man.

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Incredible, same experience as you with you discussion forum postings.
This is a reaction to the anti-'Inconvenient Truth' campaign I've been

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Hi Eric, 

Two children ages 7 & 9 with a third on the way and plans to have a
fourth, married for 10 years, and I care enough about the truth to have
spent $5K of my own money over the last 24 months running social and
politically-themed paid search campaigns to do nothing other than get
out my own viewpoints - it's that simple. Never have taken a dime of
anyone else's money for this, never will, and despite your blind
condemnation I care very, very, very much about the future. It just so
happens, though, that I'm more worried about the damage that
[predominantly Western] societal self-loathing can do when it starts to
blame itself for problems it couldn't have foreseen and/or have nothing
to do with human activity. 

Explain to me why I'm getting a 5% click-through-rate on my ads on the
topic of 'Inconvenient Truth' and global warming? 2.2% is industry
average. Is it because everyone is shocked that I'm saying what I'm
saying and has morbid curiosity, or is it because I'm facilitating
exploration for the huge, latent question mark in society's head around
what we're all being told by the media is the fait accompli of
anthropogenic global warming?  Whether you choose to agree with me or
not, it is the latter. 

If you disagree with me, put your own hard-earned money where your mouth
is and run your own paid search campaigns espousing your own viewpoints.
If everyone did that we'd have a much richer discussion and one that
doesn't result in Inquisition-like effigy burning of those who dare to
question the notion that humans caused global warming.  

And what's more, your reaction to my campaign is far more frightening to
me and my children's possible future than global warming ever would be.
Our society is bifurcating right now and there is less and less
willingness to listen to other viewpoints and debate rationally.
*That's* our biggest issue, half-educated people being raised to think
what their teachers teach them in university is God's truth and never to
be questioned.  Don't think for a second that I would be doing what I'm
doing if I thought global warming was caused by humans and could be
mitigated by humans. But for me, my decision is to recognize the
overwhelming inconclusiveness of the data, the overwhelming certainty
that there's nothing we *could* do anyways, and keep people from getting
so wound up about global warming that they become unwitting accomplices
in the dismantling of our free market, capitalist system which has led
us out of global war and misery and into the best period in the history
of mankind. 

My realization is that a free market is the best way to deal with global
warming. Since the utterly flawed Kyoto accords, guess which country's
CO2 emissions growth has slowed the most? France? No. Germany? No. UK?

U.S.? You got it, and guess why? Rising energy costs are leading
industry to become more efficient, rising energy company profits are
allowing for investment into more efficient energy production, and an
economy free to morph where the action is is abandoning manufacturing
and moving into CO2 emission-free industries like software, internet and

I'll listen to what you and others have to say about global warming, and
I hope for all of our sake that people like you will question their own
thought process just enough to keep America what it is - a society of
free thinkers. 

Chris Zaharias

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Judging from his "convenient" rant, obviously no children, not married, 
doesn't much care about truth, anyone, anything (other than taking money

from lobbyists I suppose)? Who is this sad sack?

  Chris Zaharias

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