Here is more "global warming" evidence, no doubt caused by primitive man made camp fires 21,000 years ago which resulted in flooding of the Bering strait.  Expect government funding to flow into any university that can prove this theory.  Doctorial candidates are encouraged to be liberal in their data analysis.  If you are a candidate and cannot analyze data, the UW Regents will consider your political credits as a substitute.  Illegals also encouraged to vote in WA and attend UW complements of the State taxpayer.  Also illegals are encouraged to apply for their free social security.  Maybe Al Gore can go for his doctorate degree at the UW, his politics would certainly qualify to substitute for his science deficiency.
Jack Venrick

Postglacial Flooding of the Bering Land Bridge:
A Geospatial Animation

<--  The reduced-resolution animation at left shows sea level rising across the land bridge between Siberia (left) and Alaska (right).

Full-resolution QuickTime movies are available below for analysis, education, and outreach.

During the Last Glacial Maximum, about 21,000 years ago, global sea level was approximately 120 m (400 ft) lower than today. The Bering Land Bridge existed as a vast tundra plain connecting Asia and North America. As the world's glaciers and ice sheets melted over the following millenia, rising sea level flooded the land bridge blocking migration routes for animals and humans.

The land bridge animation is based on the best available digital information, and reveals large-scale patterns of shifting coastlines and environments as the land bridge evolved. Bathymetry and elevation are color-coded in 1000 calendar-year time steps.


The following QuickTime .mov files require QuickTime Player for Windows or Macintosh (as a standalone application or browser plug-in). Click on the links to view. Right-click or option-click to download for later use.

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Medium Window (374x378)
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Small Window (187x189)
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Feel free to download the animations for use in websites or presentations. Please cite: Manley, W.F., 2002, Postglacial Flooding of the Bering Land Bridge: A Geospatial Animation: INSTAAR, University of Colorado, v1,