To:  Washington State House and Senate, DOE, DFW, King County, Property rights groups, Freedom Foundations, Media, Association of Washington Cities
Here is a must see event.  Roni and company are  "Movers and Shakers" in the Colorado and Rocky Mountain states and the nation, fighting to return our freedoms and liberties. 
Jack Venrick
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Subject: Breaking News 2/28 "Global Warming 101-Al Gore's CO2 Theory

BREAKING NEWS  February 28, 2008           
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"DR. WILLIE SOON"  presents  "Global Warming 101- Al Gore's CO2 Theory"
2nd Annual Good Neighbor Forum       March 15, 2008  Cheyenne, WY     Little America     9 am - 4 pm
Dr. Willie Soon, is both an astrophysicist and a geoscientist at the Solar, Stellar and Planetary Sciences Division of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.
Dr. Soon is the receiving editor in the area of solar and stellar physics for New Astronomy. He is also the chief science adviser of the Science and Public Policy Institute (based in Washington DC).
He writes and lectures both professionally and publicly on important issues related to the Sun, other stars, the Earth as well as general science topics in astronomy and physics.
He is the author of "The Maunder Minimum and the Variable Sun-Earth Connection"
( published March 2004.
He also co-authored (with P. N. Okeke) the textbook "Introduction to Astronomy" that is used (now taught at the University of Nigeria) for students with little or no access to telescopes.
Dr. Soon's honors include an 1989 IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society Graduate Scholastic Awards and a Rockwell Dennis Hunt Scholastic Award from the University of Southern California for "the most representative Ph.D. research thesis" of 1991.
In 2003, he was invited to testify in the United States Senate and was later recognized, with a monetary award, for "detailed scholarship on biogeological and climatic change over the past 1000 years" by the Smithsonian Institution. In June 2004, he was presented with the Petr Beckmann award of the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness for "courage and achievement in defense of scientific truth and freedom."
All views expressed are strictly of his (Dr. Willie Soon) own and do not reflect upon any other persons or institutions.
More voices joining the Good Neighbor Forum
At great peril to their personal safety, the following individuals are joining Dr. Soon to bring you truth,
facts, and solid information on how you can stop bad science and politics from destoying
your life and the future of America. 
*  Harriet Hageman, Atty (WY) addresses Spotted Owl, water, roadless and man-made policies and their horrific impacts on our land and water.
*  Lyle Laverty (DC) US Department of the Interior's Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks, will carry your concerns back to Washington D.C..  
Mr. Lawrence Kogan, Esq. (NJ) briefs you on Precautionary Principles, European Union and International Trade.
*  Dr. Corey Ciochhetti (CO) explains the importance of Good Neighbor Ethics.
*  Jim Beers (VA) former USFWS employee whistle blower, will expand on the Endangered Species Act.  
*  Cindy Schonholtz (CO) PRCA Animal Welfare updates on Horse Slaughter Ban and animal rights activists.
*  Sharon Croghan (CO) updates on the Super Slab Toll Road.
*  Kimmi Lewis (CO)  updates on Army vs Pinon Canyon.
*  Ed Prosser (WY) explains WY Conservation Easements.
*  Jim Keen (CO) Published landscape and ranch Photographer, tells journey from environmentalist to ag advocate.
Bringing these incredible individuals together, constitutes an International Summit in your own back yard.
Come. Learn. Be a part of this historic seminar.
 Topic: Food in the 21st Century
Why are ranchers and farmers always complaining about water rights?
Is the government protecting our food supply, or jeopardizing it?
Is food safety at risk?
You're invited to go beyond the headlines and decide for yourself at the 2nd Annual

Little America Hotel - Cheyenne, Wyoming
March 15, 2008 - 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
You may register  online
Contact: 970-284-6874       or
Get educated!  $40 bucks (Includes cost of lunch.)
will be a worthwhile investment of your time and money!
Students with student I.D. and children under the age of 13  
Register today, as seats are limited!