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“Control the Climate” or “Adapt to the Climate”.

Which should we choose?


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“The climate hysteria created and perpetuated by Western government officials has opened Pandora's Box. What looked to be a valuable policy tool for green protectionism is now threatening to unleash political chaos and economic misery on its creators and their nations. Climate alarmism has turned into a Frankstein monster that threatens to devour its own designers.”


Benny Peiser, CCNet CCNet 134/2009 – 4Sept09




There are two ways to cope with possible “global warming” – you can try to control the climate and thus change the future, or you can be prepared to adapt to or cope with whatever the future brings. The choice is “Control the Climate” or “Adapt to the Climate”.


“Climate Control” has a number of problems.


Firstly, there is no evidence that man’s activities do indeed control global temperature – all we have are unproven theories and computer model forecasts. Therefore whatever we do may have no effect on climate.


Secondly, we have no reliable forecasts of future climate trends, and it is likely that whatever we do may in fact make things worse. For example, massive moves to extract carbon dioxide plant food from the atmosphere would worsen the food crisis that would accompany acceleration of the current cooling trend.


Thirdly, attempts to affect global production of carbon dioxide would be hugely costly and disruptive to all human activities.


Fourthly, many people will see moderate warming as beneficial for most life on earth.


In summary, “Climate Control” offers zero or perverse results at enormous cost.


In contrast, “Adapt to the Climate” (or “Be Prepared”) has no downside and considerable benefits.


No matter what the future holds, having a stronger and better equipped society will allow it to cope better with whatever natural disaster may be in store for us.


Therefore we must keep pressure on all politicians to reject completely all Emissions Trading, Ration-n-Tax, carbon taxes, ethanol mandates and Renewable Energy Targets. Every one of these silly policies will make our society economically and industrially weaker and less able to cope with unexpected change. And none will affect the climate.


The next couple of months are crucial, and signs of weakness are appearing everywhere in the Alarmist camp. We must ensure that Frequent Flyer Rudd has NOTHING to take to Copenhagen from the Australian Parliament in December. So please help us to keep the pressure on.


Attached below is a media release on an Un-natural Disaster being created in Parliament.


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“The RATS Bill must be destroyed.”


Viv Forbes



For Immediate Release

6th September 2009


“Politicians are Creating an Un-Natural Disaster”.



The Carbon Sense Coalition based in Australia today accused western politicians of creating a man-made disaster by destroying the ability of the world to cope with real natural disasters.


The Chairman of “Carbon Sense”, Mr Viv Forbes, said that an invading enemy could hardly do more damage to our ability to cope with future natural disasters than we are inflicting on ourselves.


Forbes continued:


“We are being forced to waste our savings and investment capital on futile political gestures such as the Cap-n-Tax Schemes, on horrendously expensive and wasteful ideas like carbon capture and burial, and on costly and totally inadequate and unreliable energy sources such as solar and wind. And in Australia, a leading world food supplier, our policies on woody weeds, water conservation, carbon forests and bio-fuels are deviously destroying our ability to produce food.


“All of this stupidity is based on two fallacies. Firstly, the Cap-n-Tax Schemes rely on some totally unproven theory that man can control the climate. Secondly, the urgency is justified by doomsday global warming forecasts from computer models that have never produced a correct forecast for even two years ahead, let alone for the 50-100 years they are projecting.


“Despite the expenditure of billions of dollars on computer models, international junkets and climate “research”, not one of the computer models or greenhouse theories predicted the last 10 years of global cooling despite continually rising carbon dioxide levels.


“The world has always suffered from recurring natural disasters such as droughts, floods, bush fires, water shortages and crop failures. But never before have we faced a man-made energy and food disaster with the destructive potential of current policies and proposals.


“Only rich societies with plenty of tools, machinery, food stocks and savings can cope with natural disasters. When disaster strikes, it is not Cuba, Zimbabwe, Somalia or Bangladesh who send ships, helicopters, trucks, generators, refrigerators, medical supplies, tents, manpower and food to the stricken area. In our corner of the world, what the refugees see arriving are US military helicopters, Canadian fire fighters, Australian aid workers or bags of rice from Japan.


“In the past, government policies have always encouraged Australians to save their money and invest it in efficient machinery, tools, food capability and energy sources. Such a policy best equips us to be able to cope with whatever disaster the future may hold.


“A study of climate history shows clearly that we are at least as likely to face global cooling with destructive frosts, snow, drought and crop failures, as the opposite and more benign scenario of global warming, with more precipitation and better plant growth.


“If the current cooling trend continues or accelerates, the world will need every bit of food and energy we can produce. Money wasted on futile attempts to predict and control future climate would be better spent on improving our mines, factories and farms, and building machinery, tools, roads, dams, railways, airstrips, helicopters and efficient modern power stations.


“Our ancestors coped with mammoth ice ages, droughts which depopulated whole countries, spreading deserts of Saharan magnitude and floods of biblical proportions. Those who sat and sacrificed their substance on fantasies such as “Global Warming” perished and left no descendants. Those with the sense to adapt to the changed climates by migration, new food sources, better technology and more productive lifestyles survived.


“None of our ancestors were led to survival by high priests in green robes with computer models chanting anti-energy and anti-food slogans.


“Never before have we seen a whole generation of western leaders in politics, media, education, academia and big business so cushioned by prosperity, and so mesmerised by pagan nature-worship that they have lost sight of what created and maintains human existence.


Viv Forbes

MS 23  Rosewood        Qld      4340    Australia

0754 640 533


Viv Forbes is Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition, an Australian organisation which opposes waste of resources, opposes pollution, and promotes the rational and sustainable use of carbon energy and carbon food.


Note: Even the IPCC itself and “New Scientist” are becoming concerned that their Global Warming forecasts are all bunkum. See: