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The next couple of months are crucial to the future for all Australians.


Penny Wong and Kevin Rudd are determined to have some Emissions Trading Legislation on the law books before the next Copenhagen Climate Change Convocation in December. What we do in Australia will also affect what happens to similar legislation in the US Senate. And if Australia and the US provide some lead, we may stem the tide.


Too many key Liberals are so scared (or enamoured) of the Greens that they are in danger of caving to some deal with Rudd. The Liberals are also being pushed by Big Business for “certainty” – I prefer uncertainty forever rather than the certainty of execution in the morning.


A majority of the biggest businesses see nothing but profit potential for themselves in trading carbon permits and credits. Others have foolishly and prematurely committed to imprudent “green” investments whose value will evaporate unless the Emissions Trading legislation gets up. These big vested interests are opposed to the interests of ordinary Australian workers, shareholders, taxpayers and consumers. They are pushing our weakest politicians to pass this bill before too many Australians wake up to what is in store for them.


But we can beat them, and our weapon is to mobilize public opinion against the RATS Bill and against those thinking of supporting it. Already the big ocean of public opinion is stirring – we need to add our paddles to the pool.


The first step is to realize that the Global Warming Hysteria was promoted by people with a deep commitment to philosophies totally opposed to our western heritage of individual freedoms and free enterprise.


For some insights into the parallels between today’s philosophies of the Deep Greens and the total government philosophies of the 1920’s see “The Battle of our Times” at:


Politics is a numbers game. We thus need to motivate and encourage ordinary people to put pressure on every politician, every media outlet, and every participant in this big debate.


Many individuals become discouraged at the enormity of the job, and say “But What Can I do”. To help them we have produced a guidebook of advice on what every one of us can and should do, starting tomorrow. It is all detailed in “Time to Turn up the Heat” at:


“Carbon Sense” is not a party political body. Our aim is to promote rational energy, climate and environmental policies and to oppose this baseless campaign to demonise, ration and tax the use of carbon energy and food. Therefore any politician or party who opposes the RATS Bill has our support.


Barnaby Joyce and the Nationals have been refreshingly unequivocal about the RATS Bill – they will vote against anything that Wong-Turnbull put up. Hence we support them in the Media Release below. We also support Steve Fielding and the Family First Party and those individual Liberals and Labor politicians who see through this scam.


So we now ask for your help. Please distribute our messages, read the reports above, spread them around, and do SOMETHING - whatever best suits your ability and inclination.


In the Roman Senate during the wars with Carthage, Senators ended every speech with the words: “And Carthage must be destroyed”.


So remember and repeat endlessly: “The RATS Bill must be destroyed.”




Viv Forbes





For Immediate Release

30st August 2009


Barnaby is now the real leader of the Opposition.

The Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition, Mr Viv Forbes, today called for Liberals who oppose the ALP Ration-N-Tax Scheme Bill (the RATS Bill) to leave the Liberals and join the Nationals.


Forbes explains:


“Barnaby Joyce has become the real leader of the Opposition and deserves to be supported. Malcolm Turnbull no longer serves liberal values and actually promotes the interests of big business mates who aim to do very well out of trading carbon credits.


“The Liberal leadership has lost all idea of their philosophical base and are now the paralysed party of the extreme centre. They should have learnt from the history of Don Chipp’s Democrats and The Australia Party that parties of the extreme centre end up standing for nothing and are abandoned by their supporters.


“The Liberal Party is now on that dead-end road.


“Mr Turnbull should also ponder the philosophical goals of the deep green zealots who promote the Green Religion. He will find them consistent with the philosophies of Mao and Stalin, and totally opposed to the beliefs of freedom supporters such as Menzies, Thatcher and Regan.


“Once our Parliaments held people like Bert Kelly and John Hyde of the Liberals and Peter Walsh and Michael Costa of the ALP who supported the freedom philosophy for both business and workers. Today, liberty finds few friends in Parliament.


 “Mr Turnbull determines his policies by “Business Feedback”. He should talk to more than organisations such as the Business Council of Australia, where 60% of the membership has no direct carbon tax liability and many of them expect to benefit greatly by participating in the new Bubble Business to be created from trading hot air certificates.


“Big banks, national law firms, transnational accounting firms, Wall Street traders and the merchant bank millionaires are not the real industry of Australia – they are the froth and bubble floating on the real rivers of productive industry.


“Since the days of the Wool Boom and the Gold Rush, Australian prosperity has always rested on the primary wealth created by its outback industries. Mr Turnbull needs to pull on his RM Williams boots, don a hard hat and venture out of the air conditioning to find the opinion of the real businesses of Australia. He should talk to farmers and graziers, fishermen and foresters, miners and explorers, those who process our minerals and food into things of real value, and those who run the trucks, trains and planes that keep the swarming cities functioning.


“Far from the genteel cocktail circuit of the Sydney-Melbourne Clubs, the Nationals have sensed the growing grassroots revolt against the Rudd road to carbon penury. They have done what every good politician does – find out where the people are heading and jump in front calling “Follow Me”. Many others will now join that revolt.


“Barnaby Joyce is right. The RATS Bill cannot be made acceptable - it must be destroyed in the Senate.”



Viv Forbes

Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition

MS 23  Rosewood        Qld      4340    Australia

0754 640 533