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The Crusade without a Cause.

This year will see the peak of Global Warming hysteria. Greens, politicians and those geared up to benefit from Cap-n-Tax “industries” see their benefactor escaping, so they will redouble their efforts. Scare forecasts, doctored data and underhand schemes will appear. They will compromise ANYTHING to get some sort of fabian carbon tax legislation on the books.




One of the underhand arguments they will use concerns “Pollution”. Everyone who opposes their Cap-n-Tax Crusade will be accused of supporting pollution. We need to expose this slur.


No sensible person supports pollution of our air, water or land. The biggest source of air pollution in our region comes not from power stations, cement plants, or burping cows. It comes from open fires, forest fires, cooking fires, stoves, rubbish fires, boilers and smelters with no pollution controls. The result is clear to all who fly over Asia – the Asian Brown Cloud of soot, ash, smog and noxious gases from dirty fires and obsolete plants. If we really had reducing pollution as our priority, Australia would be advising Asian countries on how to deliver heat and light by wire to Asian homes and factories with clean silent electricity. At one stroke, this would save the forests being cut for fire wood and boilers, and clear the polluted air.


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The Cap-n-Tax Industry


“Americans will be willing to pay a tax for their children to be less threatened, breathe cleaner air and live in a more sustainable world with a stronger America. They are much less likely to support a firm in London, trading offsets from an electric utility in Boston, with a derivatives firm in New York, in order to help fund an aluminum smelter in Beijing - which is what cap-and trade is all about.”


Thomas Friedman, New York Times, 8 April 2009

Reported in TWTW by Fred Singer


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Viv Forbes


“Cap-n-Tax is a Crusade without a Cause”.


A statement by Viv Forbes, Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition.

19 April 2009


The Carbon Sense Coalition today claimed that the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Bill was promoted using two lies and would fail in the Senate because of two fatal flaws.


In a submission to the Australian Senate Standing Committee on Climate Change, the Chairman of “Carbon Sense”, Mr Viv Forbes, said that the mis-named “Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme” had nothing to do with carbon or pollution - “these are two Orwellian lies dreamed up to generate public fear and loathing about a non-polluting harmless natural gas that sustains all life on earth”.


“The Cap-n-Tax Scheme is all about capping and taxing the production of carbon dioxide, a life-preserving plant food which has always been in the earth’s atmosphere, generally at concentrations far above the trace amounts present today. It is not a pollutant.


“Penny Wong’s Bill also has two fatal flaws which should ensure it will NEVER become law if the Senate operates as an effective House of Review and not just another room full of party hacks.


“The first fatal flaw is that this bill is not supported by independent scientific advice that proves that production of carbon dioxide drives global temperature. Judging from the number of scientists prepared to go public with their opinions, there are more prominent scientists opposing this idea than are supporting it.


“The second fatal flaw is that the government has not provided a detailed cost-benefit analysis, done by independent experts, to the standard required by any public corporation seeking to raise huge funds from an increasingly sceptical public.


“The government is demanding more stringent and transparent disclosure from private financial bodies. The Senate should thus insist that independent enquiries are held into the science and the cost-benefits of Cap-n-Tax before this flawed bill gets legislative support.


“All over the world, global warming alarmism has become a Crusade without a Cause. It is increasingly exposed as an agenda to transfer wealth, businesses, technology and jobs from Western taxpayers, shareholders and consumers to India, China and Africa, and to parasitic non-viable sink-holes such as solar and wind power.”


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The detailed submission to the Senate from the Carbon Sense Coalition entitled “Two Fatal Flaws” can be found at:


Viv Forbes


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